Colleges in Australia for International Students with Low Tuition Fee


Studying overseas is often a dream come true for many students. Many students secure a scholarship and get a partial or complete waiver of tuition fees. But the students need to factor in that the cost of living abroad is also high. Therefore, the majority of students need to rely on student loans to fund their education abroad. Student loans from nationalized or private banks or even non-banking financial institutions come with high interest rates. While education loans cover both tuition as well as living expenses for the duration of the student’s program, the aggregate loan amount becomes significant. Adding interest to the principle, together makes it very expensive for students to complete their education overseas.

There are many top overseas destinations for students which offer low tuition fees to international students. Of these top destinations is Australia, where many colleges offer affordable tuition fees.

Australia has always been able to charm students to visit the country for their further education. The country is known for its high standards of living, mesmerizing landscapes, a safe and secure environment for foreign nationals, as well as its efficient and quality education system.

There are many top-ranking universities in Australia that have a welcoming and culturally diverse environment for international students. Let us take a look at the colleges in Australia for international students that can offer them quality education on a budget.

Low Tuition Universities and Colleges in Australia

When we talk about colleges in Australia for international students with low tuition fee, one should remember low does not mean cheap. Even if the fees are low; the overall cost of living in Australia is still relatively high. Also, just opting for a low-cost college should not mean sacrificing on the quality of your education.

#1. Charles Darwin University

The Charles Darwin University is an Australian public university. It was established in the year 2003. It is the member of the Innovative Research Universities in Australia. It is a dual sector university that offers a complete spectrum of programs and courses in Higher Education (HE) as well as Vocational Education and Training (VET). Students can opt to study at a number of locations such as Darwin, Palmerston, Melbourne, and Sydney, as per their convenience and budget allowance. Their largest campus is located at Darwin.

Charles Darwin University accepts students from over 55 countries, thus, offering students a multicultural environment.

There are many courses offered at Charles Darwin University. Some of the courses and their fees are mentioned below:

  1. Arts & Creative Arts: Approximately $AUD 20,100 to $AUD 22,000
  2. Business Design & Architecture: Approximately $AUD 21,000 to $AUD 23,000
  3. Business & Commerce: Approximately $AUD 21,000 to $AUD 22,000
  4. Engineering: Approximately $AUD 27,000 to $AUD 29,000

#2. University of New England

The University of New England has earned a top five-star rating from the Good Universities Guide for 12 years in a row now. They have a campus in the city of Amidala, located in the northern-central state of New South Wales. This public university in Australia has many scholarships, prizes, and bursary programs that -assist international students to offset their tuition fees either partly or fully.

They have an innovative system of flexible study that helps students achieve their education goals. They offer more than 200 courses and program at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The University of New England offers a wide range of disciplines at the following levels:

  • Foundation studies for students not qualified for a degree of choice
  • Undergraduates
  • Bachelor Honors
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Postgraduate research

The fees for various courses at the University of New England are as follows:

  1. Business degrees: Approximately $AUD 19,920
  2. Engineering/science: Approximately $AUD 25,560
  3. Arts and education: Approximately $AUD 21,800

#3. Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University offers a vibrant campus in northern New South Wales and the southern Gold Coast. They offer undergraduate as well as post-graduate degrees in many fields. However, international students can study on campus and for certain courses only.

Southern Cross University is known for their contemporary and high-quality education programs. They feature in the top 150 universities in the world under 50 years old rankings of 2017. The campus is organized into 6 schools and 2 colleges. They even have a leading research center.

The fees for some of the courses offered at Southern Cross University are as follows:

  1. Business: Approximately $AUD 24,000 to $AUD 26,000
  2. Environment, Science, and Engineering: Approximately $AUD 26,000 to $AUD 29,000
  3. Health and Human Sciences: Approximately $AUD 14,600 to $AUD 26,800

#4. University of the Sunshine Coast

The University of the Sunshine Coast is another college in Australia for international students with low tuition fees. They provide an inclusive, personalized program for students filled with opportunities that help them develop professionally as well as personally.

They have many study options ranging from business, IT, education, health, nursing, sports science, law and criminology, engineering, etc. All their programs have hands-on training, practical experience, as well as internships that assist students to prepare for a bright professional future.

The tuition fees for some of the many courses offered at University of the Sunshine Coast include:

  1. Business: Approximately $AUD 21,800
  2. Arts and Education: Approximately $AUD 24, 200
  3. Law: Approximately $AUD 22, 800

#5. University of Southern Queensland

The University of Southern Queensland is located in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. It was established in the year 1967. They have campuses located at Toowoomba, Ipswich, and Springfield.

The University of Southern Queensland has gained -prominence over a period of time and has become one of the renowned multi-campus teaching and research institute. They offer many courses such as accounting and commerce, health and community, creative arts and media, aviation, business economics, HRM, international business, project management, management and leadership, marketing, and much more.

The tuition fees for some of the courses offered at the University of Southern Queensland are as follows:

  1. Business: Approximately $AUD 22,300
  2. Engineering/science: Approximately $AUD 25,850
  3. Arts and education: Approximately $AUD 21,920

#6. Central Queensland University

The Central Queensland University was originally founded in Rockhampton in the year 1967. It was then called as the Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT), Capricornia. In the year 1992, they were granted a full University status and thus, renamed as the Central Queensland University.

They offer more than 300 education and training programs that range from short courses, certificates courses, as well as undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees.

The courses offered at the Central Queensland University include Business, Accounting, Education and Humanities, Psychology, Social Work, Engineering, Science and Environment, and many more.

They have campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane. They have 6 schools with each school managed by a specialist Dean. The fees for some of the courses offered at the university are:

  1. Business: Approximately $AUD 23,760
  2. Engineering/science: Approximately $AUD 30,240
  3. Arts and education: Approximately $AUD 21,120

#7. Victoria University

Located in the state of Victoria, Australia, the Victoria University (VU) has several campuses in Melbourne Central Business District, Melbourne Western region, and Sydney. These campuses comprise of 6 academic colleges, 6 research institutes, 7 research centers, and VU’s Victoria Polytechnic.

Victoria University in collaboration with partners has set up institutes throughout Asia including China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka as well as Vietnam. VU has a flexible working model that helps one reach their goals easily. This makes it easy for students to balance their education, job, and family life.

The course fees for some of the courses at Victoria University are as follows:

  1. Business degrees: Approximately $AUD 23,600
  2. Engineering and Science: Approximately $AUD 26,400
  3. Arts and education: Approximately $AUD 20,400

#8. Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public, not-for-profit university which gets funds from the government. Thus, it becomes one of the affordable colleges for international students. This is a Catholic university open to all students. The university was founded by the Catholic tertiary institutions that helped in training teachers and nurses in the mid-19th century.

Today, there are over 190 universities and educational institutions that are a part of the global Catholic university network. They offer various courses under social work, psychology, science, sport and exercise science, paramedicine, nursing and midwifery, physiotherapy, information technology, management, law, international studies, health sciences & allied health, business, arts, and humanities, etc.

The tuition fees of the Australian Catholic University for some of their popular courses are as follows:

  1. Education and Arts: Approximately $AUD 21,000 to $AUD 24,000
  2. Health Sciences: Approximately $AUD 17,168 to $AUD 36,500
  3. Law and Business: Approximately $AUD 18,128 to $AUD 29,000

These are some of the institutions in Australia for international students with low tuition fees. However, one should not forget low tuition fees do not mean affordable education. The tuition fees mentioned are approximate values which can change every year and may or may not include books, stationery, living costs, and so on. Students need to take into consideration every aspect of living abroad that includes hostel or private accommodation rent, food, transportation, stationery, projects, and any other miscellaneous costs.

The universities mentioned above are those that have the least expensive tuition fees in all of Australia. However, this does not mean the value or quality of education is not at par with other expensive colleges. Many students may need to look for part-time jobs to support their studying and living abroad. Ensure that you calculate every tiny expense that you may possibly incur before making up your mind to study abroad. Also, learning the English language is a must if you need to do well not just in college, but also to be an active member of the lively Australian community.