Graduate Management Admission Test or the GMAT is one of the standardized aptitude tests which are accepted by most global business schools. If you are planning to pursue an MBA from any of the reputed foreign universities you need to score a respectable grade in this exam.

At Mayfair Global Education we have the expertise in dealing with candidates who aspire for business degrees in countries abroad and we have proven to be a great help in their pursuit of cracking the grand GMAT exam.

GMAT is quite a dynamic computer based exam and the curriculum itself is quite challenging for the candidates. That is why the preparation for GMAT is needed to be more rigorous and comprehensive when compared to the other assessment exams.

Why GMAT is important?

If you are looking for a management degree from any of the top universities of the globe it is vital that you score well in your GMAT exam. Considering the challenging nature of the exam, scoring a high marks will automatically mean that you are half-way through your selection process in your dream university.

Since it is such a highly rated and highly valued examination it is vital that the students take proper preparations for this. A good score in the GMAT will ensure your right to apply for many of the big b-schools in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The test itself is very comprehensive and it includes segments in the form of Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. A high score in all these segments will provide a clear ground for the university to judge your overall ability.

It is by far the most rigorous assessment exams in the world and that is why it carries a lot of weight along with it. With proper grooming and mentoring, we at Mayfair Global Education will help bring out the best in you before you appear for your GMAT.

Structure of GMAT tests:

Like many globally accepted assessment exams GMAT is also segregated into four different sections. The first section is Analytical Writing Assessment. In this section you will be assigned a single task which you need to complete within 30 minutes. A maximum score of 6 can be obtained from this task.

The next section comprises of the Integrated Reasoning wherein the students will be given some graphs and some figures which they have to interpret and provide answers to certain questions. 30 minutes is provided to answer around 12 questions from different sets.

The third section is the Quantitative Reasoning where you need to be quick and prompt in answering around 37 questions in around 60 minutes. You can score as much as 60 marks in this section and this section along with the last one carries the most weight.

The last section is the verbal reasoning section wherein the candidate needs to comprehend a passage and answer the question in a logical framework. The passages are mostly case studies of companies or news on different economies. It judges your ability to analyze passages and solve real-world problems.

How can Mayfair Global Education will help you get the highest score?

  • With over 20 years of experience in dealing with candidates appearing for the GMAT we exactly aware of the kind of hurdles they face.
  • All our guides and mentors are accustomed with the pattern and nature of questions that are going to be set during a GMAT and wit their experience they guide the students accordingly.
  • We teach our students in smaller batches so that they get special attention from the trained tutors and get a chance to polish their skills in all the four departments of the test.
  • We focus on all the three segments of the test in each of our session. Our tutors understand that it is the average score that counts at the end and that is why we try and make you equally good in all the three segments.
  • Classes are held two to four times each week so that you can adjust your timing after your regular courses or work schedule.
  • The best part is that we give personal attention to each of the students so that they develop skills and ability in each of the sections required for scoring a higher band in the test.
  • We equip our candidates with special strategies which enable them to plan the test accordingly. Make people make the mistake of committing too much for all the questions in one particular section and then neglecting the other two. That is why we at Mayfair Global Education tell our candidates to focus on scoring well in all the sections instead of focusing only on one particular section.
  • Over the years we have realized that students from India either lack in the verbal and writing ability (if they are from science and technology background) or they are not well versed with the quantitative analysis (if they are from the arts and humanities background). Thus in order to bring about a parity in all the four sections we provide special emphasis on the subjects which need more focus for the particular candidate.
  • Apart from the training provided in the classroom environment we also offer an ample collection of study materials so that the candidates can go back home and practice on their own. In super-competitive exams like the GMAT it is important that the students practice a lot and keeping that in mind we design the materials.
  • We offer CDs and sample papers so that the particular candidate earns accuracy and also gets accustomed to the test environment.
  • Our faculty believes in offering personalized mentoring and guidance so that each and every candidate, who enrolls into our GMAT program, can gain the confidence of clearing the test with ease and scores a high band.
  • We have at our disposal a substantial online library where you can hunt for resources which will help you clear certain doubts or improve your vocabulary. We believe in making you ready in all possible way so that your first attempt only seals the deal for the university of your dreams.
  • We arrange for a number of simulated online tests which will give you a feel of the actual GMAT exam. So, by the time you actually sit for your GMAT exam you will not be up for any kind of surprises.

Fees for Graduate Management Admission Test

The fee charged for GMAT is around US $ 250 which comes to around INR 17,000

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