We at Mayfair Global Education give special attention to make sure that the students get to clear their International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with ease on their first attempt itself. With this view in mind we take several initiatives like in the form of designing a perfect curriculum, conducting mock tests that are at par with the standards of the actual International English Language Testing System.

We are by far the best IELTS coaching center in the country equipping students with problem solving strategies so that they can deal with the tests when time comes. According to a recent statistics, this globally accepted English Language test is given by 1.4 million students on a yearly basis and the test can be given from 500 different international centers.

Why IELTS is important?

International English Language Testing System and IELTS is an internationally recognized English Language test. The scores of this test are accepted as an assessment parameter in more than 6,000 institutions in over 135 different countries.

People belonging to different backgrounds, from all over the world appear for these tests. That is why it is regarded as one of the most accepted international tests all throughout the world. What makes this test even more important is that it evaluates all four forms of language skills in the form of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

So, it is important that students appearing for tests prepare accordingly so that they can score high marks in all the four departments.

Structure of IELTS tests:

Before you appear for the tests it is very important that you become aware of the structural setup. We at Mayfair Global Education believe in giving adequate heads-up to the students even before they appear for the tests.

The structure of the IELTS tests contains two formats- the Academic training and the General training. The former is designed for the students who are aspiring for the undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in the universities of the English speaking countries. The reading, writing, and listening tests happen together, whilst the timing of the speaking varies according to the test center of the student.

The scores for IELTS are given in different bands ranging from 1 to 9. Apart from that a profile score is also given separately to the students. The four scores of the four different sections (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) are averaged out in the end to give you the final score of the test.

The candidates who have appeared for the test will be given a consolidated report. However, when you are evaluated on the basis of the score card, your university will observe your marks in each and every category.

The listening and reading test includes 40 items carrying one mark each whilst the writing and speaking tests are evaluated on the basis of many criteria and finally decides the band between 1 and 9.

How can Mayfair Global Education help you score the highest?

  • We teach our students in smaller batches so that they get special attention from the trained tutors and get a chance to polish their skills in all the four departments of the test.
  • We focus on all the four segments of the test in each of our session. Our tutors understand that it is the average score that counts at the end and that is why we try and make you equally good in all the four segments.
  • Classes are held two to four times each week so that you can adjust your timing after your regular courses or work schedule.
  • The best part is that we give personal attention to each of the students so that they develop skills and ability in each of the sections required for scoring a higher band in the test.
  • With our experience of more than twenty years we know have understood that it is the listening skills that the students of India mostly fail. That is why we offer plenty of listening skill practice sessions and accordingly we guide the students to improve on their listening abilities.
  • Side-by-side we also arrange plenty of speaking practices so that the students also learn to frame proper sentences in different forms, even when they are verbally communicating. It is the major drawback of the schooling system of India that we prepare our students to be skillful writers of English but when it comes to verbal communication, we often falter. That is why our Spoken English experts pay extra attention in order to bring fluency and accuracy in verbal English for our candidates.
  • Apart from the training provided in the classroom environment we also offer a ample collection of study materials so that the candidates can go back home and practice on their own. In super-competitive exams like the IELTS it is important that the students practice a lot and keeping that in mind we design the materials.
  • We offer CDs and sample papers so that the particular candidate earns accuracy and also gets accustomed to the test environment.
  • Our faculty believes in offering personalized mentoring and guidance so that each and every candidate, who enrolls into our IELTS program, can gain the confidence of clearing the test with ease and scores a high band.
  • We have at our disposal a substantial online library where you can hunt for resources which will help you clear certain doubts or improve your vocabulary. We believe in making you ready in all possible way so that your first attempt only seals the deal for the university of your dreams.
  • We arrange for a number of simulated online tests which will give you a feel of the actual IELTS exam. So, by the time you actually sit for your IELTS exam you will not be up for any kind of surprises.

Fee of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exams:

Currently the IELTS fee structure is around INR 11,000. So, before you appear for the exam, if you think that you need extra help and proper guidance, do not forget to give us a call.


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