Pearson Test of English or PTE is an assessment test is needed for students and professionals who are applying for the United Kingdom or the Australian visa. At Mayfair Global Education we provide quality coaching and mentoring for students preparing for PTE.

PTE Academic is basically a computer based test which evaluates your ability to speak and comprehend English language. Many universities along with employers ask their applicants to clear the PTE test as this global assessment of the language helps them to determine whether the particular applicant is deemed fit to study or work in there.

At Mayfair Global Education we provide personalized training for PTE exams by taking special classes and arranging for mock tests. We arrange for different Problem Solving, Time Management, and Strategy sessions so that you are well prepared before appearing for the final exams.

Why PTE is important?

Students or professionals planning to settle for a career in the United Kingdom and Australia need to clear this assessment test. This test gives the universities and employers an idea about your overall ability to write and speak English.

When it comes to pursuing a degree or a career in an English speaking country, you need to meet certain standards. That is why these assessment tests like PTE are designed so that the universities and the companies (hiring immigrants) get a fair amount of estimation about the applicants’ grasp over the English language.

Apart from the language skills the particular test also evaluates the individual candidate’s problem solving abilities.

Structure of PTE tests:

In order to appear for the tests the candidate needs to go to a specific Pearson Test Center. The individual will be assigned a computer along with a head-set so that he/she can listen to the instructions.

The test duration is three hours where the reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities of the candidate will be judged. In the listening skills the candidates will be made to hear a lot of different accents (British, Australian, and American) to make sure that he/she understands them. These are the accents that the individual will get to hear when he/she visits the country. That is why scoring high grades in the test will ensure that the candidate are all ready to visit and study/work in an English speaking country.

The major advantage of this test is that you can take it whenever you feel like. There are almost 300 dates available in a year when you can appear for this test and there are as many as 150 centers from where you can give the test.

The test starts with a 2 minutes personal introduction session after which the speaking and writing test proceeds. This section lasts for around 90 minutes or so after which the reading section starts. Here your ability to read and comprehend paragraphs will be tested. After this you will be granted a 10 minutes break followed by the listening test of around 45-50 minutes.

How can Mayfair Global Education help you score the highest?

  • Your PTE Test will need you to interpret graphs and figures and will require many problem solving assessments to complete. Keeping that in mind we conduct special problem solving, and time management classes for the candidates.
  • We teach our students in smaller batches so that they get special attention from the trained tutors and get a chance to polish their skills in all the four departments of the test.
  • We focus on all the four segments of the test in each of our session. Our tutors understand that it is the average score that counts at the end and that is why we try and make you equally good in all the four segments.
  • Classes are held two to four times each week so that you can adjust your timing after your regular courses or work schedule.
  • The best part is that we give personal attention to each of the students so that they develop skills and ability in each of the sections required for scoring a higher band in the test.
  • With our experience of more than twenty years we know have understood that it is the listening skills that the students of India mostly fail. That is why we offer plenty of listening skill practice sessions and accordingly we guide the students to improve on their listening abilities.
  • Side-by-side we also arrange plenty of speaking practices so that the students also learn to frame proper sentences in different forms, even when they are verbally communicating. It is the major drawback of the schooling system of India that we prepare our students to be skillful writers of English but when it comes to verbal communication, we often falter. That is why our Spoken English experts pay extra attention in order to bring fluency and accuracy in verbal English for our candidates.
  • We will help you with ample study materials and CDs so that you can prepare for the tests at your home.
  • Our faculty believes in offering personalized mentoring and guidance so that each and every candidate, who enrolls into our PTE program, can gain the confidence of clearing the test with ease and scores a high band.
  • We have at our disposal a substantial online library where you can hunt for resources which will help you clear certain doubts or improve your vocabulary. We believe in making you ready in all possible way so that your first attempt only seals the deal for the university of your dreams.
  • We arrange for a number of simulated online tests which will give you a feel of the actual PTE exam. So, by the time you actually sit for your PTE exam you will not be up for any kind of surprises.
  • Mayfair Global Education particularly focuses on the mock tests because we believe that the more you get used to the set of questions and the problem based assignments the more chances are that you will score high in your actual PTE exam.

Fees for Pearson Test of English

The fees for the test is around INR 10,900 and upon cancelation on one week or prior you will get a 50% refund on the amount.

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