Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is a standardized aptitude test which is based on a pre-defined syllabus. Like many other assessment tests this one is also segmented into three basic categories which consists of the analyzing and problem solving, critical reading, and of course writing.

The SAT is segregated into two categories. The first category is SAT general exam which evaluates the above mentioned aspect of a student including problem solving, reading, and writing. The second category is more subject-specific which determines the depth of the knowledge of a student in some specific subject matter. The two tests combined together offer the universities a fair bit of estimation regarding the quality of the student.

Why SAT is important?

SAT like the SAT is very critical because it evaluates the general aptitude of a student along with his/her subject knowledge. The subjects can range between World History to English Literature, Life Science to Chemistry.

However, the student might opt for the subject in which he/she has full confidence in. Once you opt to appear for one of the subjects there is no way the authority is going to change it for you. For that reason it is important that you stick to one. Our SAT consultants at Mayfair Global Education have immense experience in sorting out the subject of preference for any candidate and accordingly we will help you to do that.

Structure of SAT tests:

SAT is a multiple stage multiple choice evaluation exam which is divided into three categories. The first category comprises of verbal reasoning where the student’s ability to comprehend and analyze written statements are being evaluated. It is a test which determines a student’s skill in English and understanding the crux of the language.

The second section is all about quantitative reasoning and problem solving wherein students have to interpret graphs and figures and answer some of the questions related to the particular problem. We at Mayfair Global Education take separate classes for problem solving and quantitative methods so that the students get a good grasp of the kind of assignments they will be given during the actual test.

The third section of the test is all about analytical writing. This section measures your skill of critical thinking and also your writing prowess. Often despite our clear understanding we are unable to jot down anything in the form of logical sentences. That is why, we at Mayfair Global Education often take extra care in improving the reasoning and writing skills of our candidates.

The analytical writing and reasoning section will be allotted a total timeline of 30 to 35 minutes. The verbal reasoning and the quantitative reasoning sections are also assigned the same amount of time. Each of the sections is graded separately and then cumulative scores are published at the end.

How can Mayfair Global Education will help you score the highest?

  • With over 20 years of experience in dealing with candidates appearing for the SAT we exactly aware of the kind of hurdles they face.
  • All our guides and mentors are accustomed with the pattern and nature of questions that are going to be set during a SAT and wit their experience they guide the students accordingly.
  • We teach our students in smaller batches so that they get special attention from the trained tutors and get a chance to polish their skills in all the four departments of the test.
  • We focus on all the three segments of the test in each of our session. Our tutors understand that it is the average score that counts at the end and that is why we try and make you equally good in all the three segments.
  • Classes are held two to four times each week so that you can adjust your timing after your regular courses or work schedule.
  • The best part is that we give personal attention to each of the students so that they develop skills and ability in each of the sections required for scoring a higher band in the test.
  • We equip our candidates with special strategies which enable them to plan the test accordingly. Make people make the mistake of committing too much for all the questions in one particular section and then neglecting the other two. That is why we at Mayfair Global Education tell our candidates to focus on scoring well in all the sections instead of focusing only on one particular section.
  • Over the years we have realized that students from India either lack in the verbal and writing ability (if they are from science and technology background) or they are not well versed with the quantitative analysis (if they are from the arts and humanities background). Thus in order to bring about a parity in all the four sections we provide special emphasis on the subjects which need more focus for the particular candidate.
  • Apart from the training provided in the classroom environment we also offer an ample collection of study materials so that the candidates can go back home and practice on their own. In super-competitive exams like the SAT it is important that the students practice a lot and keeping that in mind we design the materials.
  • We offer CDs and sample papers so that the particular candidate earns accuracy and also gets accustomed to the test environment.
  • Our faculty believes in offering personalized mentoring and guidance so that each and every candidate, who enrolls into our SAT program, can gain the confidence of clearing the test with ease and scores a high band.
  • We have at our disposal a substantial online library where you can hunt for resources which will help you clear certain doubts or improve your vocabulary. We believe in making you ready in all possible way so that your first attempt only seals the deal for the university of your dreams.
  • We arrange for a number of simulated online tests which will give you a feel of the actual SAT exam. So, by the time you actually sit for your SAT exam you will not be up for any kind of surprises.

Fees for Scholastic Aptitude Test

The registration fee for SAT is $47.50 and if you choose to appear for the essay writing evaluation also the fee stands at US $ 64.50, which comes to around INR 4,500. Some universities would like you to complete the essay writing evaluation also and we at Mayfair Global Education also advise you the same because it increases your scope of application.

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