A majority of Indian students abroad belong to the northern states, especially Punjab and Delhi. The Sikhs have always been at the forefront to explore different avenues. You can find a sizeable population of the Sikhs in Canada and the UK. Hence, it is no surprise that students from Amritsar comprise a significant chunk of students from Punjab. Now, you need the services of an overseas education consultant to make your job easy. Mayfair Global Education is there to help students realise their dreams.

How can students benefit from the overseas education consultant?

Many students think that having a GRE/GMAT/SAT score is enough to get admission in a reputed university abroad. It is not the case. Though the GRE score is a critical factor in deciding the admissions, it is not the only one. There are other factors as well. Hence, an overseas educational consultant becomes an important person who can help students get through the admission process to foreign universities.

Adequate preparation is the key

The preparations for your overseas admission start early. You should do your research well by looking at the various options available to you in different countries. Everything depends on your aptitude and the subjects you choose to do your masters. Selecting the country is very important. It is because overseas education is an expensive affair. Many people take loans for funding foreign education. Repaying the loans can become a challenge if you do not get good jobs. Hence, your overseas education consultant is the best person to help you choose the right country.

Countries like the US and Ireland allow a stay-back opportunity for at least two years. Canada also has this feature. Hence, you see many students opting for these countries. Of course, as a student, your principal objective is to complete the course. The other aspects automatically fall into place.

Choosing the country in advance is also important because certain countries do not emphasise the GRE scores. We can help you in this regard. However, we advise students to appear for the GRE as any additional qualification can only be beneficial to the student’s interests.

Documentation is vital

The admission process in foreign universities differs from that of the local universities. Everything is online. You do not submit the application form and other documents in person. At Mayfair Global Education, we help you to arrange your documents in the right order starting with your identity documents, your educational credentials since Std. X, your latest degree certificates, your financial background, the letters of recommendations, and most importantly, the Statement of Purpose (SOP).

We help you professionally prepare your SOP. This document is the clinching one as far as an admission in foreign universities is concerned. We seek inputs from you about your achievements in your career while preparing your SOP. Your SOP should be university and course specific. It entails that you should draft different SOPs for different universities.

Choosing the right course

Universities abroad are very particular about maintaining continuity in your education. They always prefer that the subjects you choose should be in consonance with the subjects you have selected for completing your Bachelor’s degree. In case you need to change streams, you should have compelling reasons for the same. All these aspects should be part of your SOP. Hence, you require the help of our counsellors at Mayfair Global Education.

The application process

Applying to the universities should not be an issue. You have to submit your application online. We help you with the process. Access the official website of the university and submit the information called for by the university. You have to upload all the relevant documents and pay the application fees, if applicable. The universities in the US follow this procedure. Some of the universities in Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland do not have any application fees. Remember that the universities in the US would require your GRE and English language proficiency scores. They insist on direct submission by the authorities conducting these exams. You have to pay the fees separately to these authorities while placing your request.

The interview

Some of the universities interview students before selecting them. We, at Mayfair Global Education, prepare students to clear these interviews with ease. Our counsellors have the experience of dealing with such issues. They know the questions that the interviewer could ask. Accordingly, they counsel the students. You benefit from the expertise of our counsellors.

The Visa interview process

Obtaining the visa is the final step in your admission process. It is because you will not be able to visit the country without a valid visa. Usually, it is not a difficult task to obtain the visa. However, you have to submit the relevant documents in perfect order. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have the system of e-Visas where you apply online. The US consulate conducts interviews with each student applicant before granting the Visa. We help you sail through the interview by preparing you well for it. We conduct mock interviews simulating the actual process. It can help you convince the visa officer about your intentions to study.

Mayfair Global Education works with a common goal of helping you secure admission in the university of your preference. We play a significant role in making your job of applying to foreign universities easy. Avail our services and ensure that you realise your dream of quality education abroad.