Students from Punjab form a significant chunk of Indian students abroad. Usually, you find them in countries like the US, Canada, and the UK. These countries have a sizeable Punjabi population. The admission procedures for various countries have changed over the years. Therefore, it is better for you to seek the services of overseas education consultants while applying to foreign universities. One of such overseas education consultants in Punjab is Mayfair Global Education.

Services Rendered by Mayfair Global Education

In the olden days, students had to submit applications by post. It used to take a long time for the admission process. However, today, everything has changed with the overseas universities accepting applications online. All the students have to do is to submit the application online and upload the necessary documents. The universities convey their decision online as well. This process has become simple. Nevertheless, you need the support of overseas education consultants. Let us look at the services on offer by Mayfair Global Education

Student Profiling

Students have different tastes and choices. However, that does not mean that an engineering student will get admission in a financial course easily. The universities abroad check the records of the student and consider the application only if they could establish a relationship between the subjects studied by the student in his/her Bachelor’s degree and the ones chosen for completing the Master’s. Therefore, the profiling of the student is a crucial job. Mayfair Global Education has counsellors adept at preparing student profiles. You have one counsellor attached to a particular student. That expert takes care of the entire requirements of the student by guiding him/her appropriately.

The one-glove-fits-all solution never works in such cases because each student comes with a unique aptitude and background. We sit down with each student and gauge their interests before deciding on the ideal course, university, and country. We also explain to the students the other processes such as procuring adequate finance, obtaining a visa, and so on.

The basic requirements

Usually, a majority of the students prefer to go to the US. There are other preferences as well such as Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Each country has its procedure. The US universities require the students to take their GREs. A GRE score of above 300 should suffice to get admission in a Tier 2 University in the US. Also, students have to complete the English language proficiency tests like the IELTS, PTE, or the TOEFL. Specific countries like Australia and Ireland do not emphasise on the GRE, but the English language proficiency tests are compulsory across the board. In case the student opts for Germany, it is also imperative for the student to know the German language.

Secondly, there should be no arrears or backlogs with the student while applying for the Master’s programme. It is better for the students to clear all backlogs before the seventh semester. You need to have the following documents ready with you for submission to the universities.


  • You need to submit your educational credentials like your mark sheets from Std. X onward to the latest ones
  • If you have the copy of the degree, you have to produce the same as well. However, the foreign universities grant admission to students subject to completion of the degree course and production of the final semester mark sheet.
  • Your identity documents such as your passport should be valid and in force.
  • Universities abroad would also like to know about the funding sources for your studies.

Preparation of the Statement of Purpose (SOP)

The SOP is a vital document. It provides information about the intentions of the student. The universities would like to know the background of the students. The SOP is the document they rely on to provide such information. We help you prepare the SOP. Therefore, you must give the details about your background to enable us to draft a professional SOP. This document can help you secure admission in the universities abroad.

The application process

We help you with the actual application process. The process involves accessing the official website of the university and applying through the proper channel. We help you fill up the details online. You also need to upload the scanned copies of your documents for perusal. The universities in the US charge application fees that you have to pay online. Some universities call for letters of recommendations from your professors or employer directly on their letterhead and their official email id.

The personal interview

We also help the students with the personal interviews, if any. Specific universities, especially those from Australia conduct personal interviews of the students over the telephone. We train the students in this regard.

The Visa process

On securing the admission to the University of your Choice, you need to apply for the student visa. It requires submitting various documents such as your valid admission letter, the funding arrangements, character certificates, a specific SOP, and other educational credentials. Some of the consulates like the US Consulate conduct interviews. We help the students clear these interviews by training them accordingly. Our mock interviews have helped hundreds of students sail through these Visa interviews with ease.

We have a stellar role to play in helping students acquire admission to their choice of university abroad. The advantage of availing our services is that you can expect professionalism at every step. We do the hard work while you concentrate on clearing your exams. We ensure that your documentation and other procedures are perfect. We aim to secure admission to every student that approaches us for help.