Each year many people from Hyderabad visit Australia for leisure but very few actually think about establishing a career in the land down-under. This marvelous island nation in the southern hemisphere is a great educational hub now.

We at Mayfair Global Education encourage many students to pursue a degree in a country like Australia as the study environment and the research environment in this country is comparable to the likes of the United States and the United Kingdom. There are plenty of Indians who are settled in this country and we genuinely think that you should be the next one.

Why Australia is a perfect destination to study for students from Hyderabad?

  • With all its infrastructure, ideal student-friendly environment, quality education, and research facilities, Australian universities can easily be regarded as one of the top three educational destinations in the world.
  • Moreover, the Australian Government’s initiative to support the ongoing upsurge of education is overwhelming. Believe it or not the Australian Government invests as much as $200,000,000 per annum solely on international scholarships. So, you can well imagine how much importance the Government itself gives to the matter of welcoming international students in the universities of Australia.
  • Australia stands 5th in the list of 30 most student-friendly countries in the world and it is the 3rd most popular study destinations after the United States and the United Kingdom. The range of courses offered in this country is almost unmatchable and students studying in Australia normally eye for a long-term career and settlement there.
  • As far as the culture of the place goes, it is ideal for a candidate from Hyderabad. Most Australian cities (where basically the universities are located) have a cosmopolitan hip vibe which helps students from Hyderabad to associate with very easily.
  • Australia also has a very strong Indian community where most of them belong to the northern part of the country, especially Hyderabad. That is why it is easier for students from Hyderabad to find a homely accommodation and settle-in quite quickly.
  • Australia is suffering from a serious shortage of skilled human resources. The labor market of Australia is still pretty unorganized and there is serious skill shortage as far as the emerging industries are concerned. The shifting demographics coupled with the increasing average age of the core Australian population are creating a huge gap of demand and supply of quality human resources. There is a serious lack in the local talent pool as far as Australia is concerned and the industry experts depend on the universities to provide them with quality resources.
  • The average income earned after graduating from an Australian university is pretty high. If you hold an engineering degree then you can end up getting around AUS $ 60,000 and in the fields of medical technology you might land up in a salary of AUS $ 70,000 per annum.

What Universities Does Mayfair Choose for the Students of Hyderabad?

We at Mayfair Global Education mostly target the top universities of Australia and advise our candidates to take admission in one of those only. The universities which we target include the likes of Canberra University of Technology, University of Tasmania, Griffith University, the famous Central Queensland University, the mighty Australian National University, the University of Queensland, and the University of Wollongong.

These universities offer various courses and research resources for the students to explore and enrich their knowledge in the field. Landing on a sound job after getting a degree from these universities is only a matter of time.

What Courses do we suggest our Hyderabad based students to pursue in Australia?

Australia is a country where you can obtain quality education and prestigious degree in a varied range of subjects. Starting from Art and Humanities to Science and Technology, these brilliant universities offer all sorts of courses. You can also pursue courses in the field of Clinical and Health care related technology.

The universities offer excellent subject options like life sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences. Just like the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia is known to provide an ample opportunity for the students to pursue courses on different subjects and fields.

Is the cost manageable by a candidate from Hyderabad?

The tuition fees ranges from around AUS $ 25,000 to $ 38,000. In terms of Indian currency it comes to around INR 1267000. According to us this fee is fairly reasonable compared to the jobs they get after obtaining the graduation and the post-graduation from any reputed Australian university.

Apart from the tuition fee you will also incur some accommodation costs which will range between AUS $ 80 to around $ 250, depending on the quality and type of accommodation you are looking for.

How does Mayfair Global Education help Hyderabad based Students?

Our consultants and education advisors have immense experience in dealing with all the stages of application in an Australian university and we will conduct a step-by-step consultancy in order to place you in the right kind of university as per your scores in the assessment tests, your educational qualification, your choice of course, your work experience (if any) and your financial ability.

Each year, students from Hyderabad score commendable marks in assessment exams like the GRE, GMAT, SAT, and others. However, the lack of proper information often cripple them from applying to quality universities abroad which would have otherwise easily taken them.

That is why we at Mayfair Global Education often believe in offering the Hyderabadi students the opportunity to get access to the information and help them get admissions in the top universities of Australia.

We at Mayfair Global Education are the only consultants in the entire city of Hyderabad who believes in offering individual counseling and psychometric assessments for students. Due to our immense experience and vast networks we do not push our students to choose only one particular destination or one particular university.

Mayfair Global Education offers you a huge portfolio of universities in Australia (as mentioned above) and based on your overall assessment we will advise whether or not Australia will suit you and the university which will accept your application. Many overseas consultancies do not conduct these assessments thereby leaving the students misinformed and ill-guided.

If you are yet to appear for any assessment examinations like the GRE, SAT, GMAT or others we will help you prepare for the same. Our rigorous training methods will not only equip you with the knowledge and skills but also at the same time will mentally prepare you to tackle the difficult tasks.