Over the last couple of years New Zealand has flourished as one of the most desired destinations for students to stay and study. The recent acclamations received by the New Zealand universities make it a lucrative option for the students to choose New Zealand as an ideal destination to obtain a degree from.

We at Mayfair Global Education often encourage students to pursue a career in New Zealand because the competition there is drastically less when compared to the other major educational destinations like the United Kingdom and the United States. Apart from that also there are various other reasons which makes New Zealand an ideal place for the students from Hyderabad to visit and study.

Why New Zealand is a perfect destination to study for students from Hyderabad?

  • New Zealand follows the UK model of education and has modeled its courses according to the British syllabus. This practically means that the quality of education you receive there is at par the standards of the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Steadily increasing reputation and recognition of some New Zealand universities, the overall affordability when compared to the universities of the United States, and the United Kingdom and of course the career opportunities one might relish from studying in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand as a country is booming with industrial development and growth. Various sectors are now developing and recruiting college graduates from the reputed universities. One thing that works in the advantage of the students studying in a country like New Zealand is that industries share a closely-knitted relationship with the top universities.
  • The healthcare sector and the hospitality industry are both booming and there are plenty of scopes for the students to build a sound career in New Zealand.
  • As only the population of New Zealand is very less and then the shifting demographics and aging population is creating a big vacuum in the industry. One of the most lucrative reasons to go to New Zealand is that the industries are still suffering from a serious shortage of human resources.
  • The average income ranges from $48,063 to $71,117 per annum, the health sector being the highest payer. This average salary is increasing at a constant rate of 2% per year, thereby making it an ideal opportunity for the students.

What Universities Does Mayfair Global Education Choose for the Students of Hyderabad?

There in total 8 international globally recognized universities in New Zealand and we place our candidates only in those. Faculties from the United Kingdom and the United States and even Australia teach there and the students are bound to get quality exposure and education in each of those institutions.

The New Zealand based universities which we mostly target are Auckland University of Technology, Massey University , Pacific International Hotel Management School, Tai Poutini Polytechnic, Manukau Institute of Technology, Southern Institute of Technology, New Zealand Tertiary College, and University of OTAGO.

What Courses do we suggest our Hyderabad based students to pursue in New Zealand?

Biotechnology and the healthcare related courses have gained much popularity due to the tremendous growth of the employment rate in that sector. Many students, over the last five years, have been successfully placed in these sectors after achieving their graduation and post-graduation degrees in the fields.

Apart from that, finance and business administration are also two courses which are high in demand in the New Zealand universities. The booming service sector is depending on these graduates to fill their vacancies.

The main advantage of studying in these universities is that they have a sound background in research & development and you can gain great insight on that subject which is not otherwise possible to obtain from an Indian university.

If you are looking for a career in hospitality and tourism industry then also New Zealand is an ideal place for you. The courses on hospitality, hotel management and tourism are all well designed and you can learn a lot from the exposure you will relish in New Zealand.

Is the cost manageable by a candidate from Hyderabad?

As overseas study constancy in Hyderabad we at Mayfair Global Education believe in letting our candidates know about the potential cost that they are going to incur if they wish to pursue a degree in New Zealand.

The good news is that the cost of education in New Zealand is quite affordable when compared to the western countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

The tuition fees ranges from NZ $20,000 to $75,000, the healthcare related courses being on the higher side of the bracket, which comes to be around 100, 000 to 150,000 in Indian currency. It is quite cheap when you compare it with the other destinations like Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  The accommodation cost also varies according to the type and nature of lodging you choose. The accommodation cost ranges between NZ $14,400 and NZ $15,000, which will again not burn a hole in your pocket.

How does Mayfair Global Education help Hyderabad based Students?

We are not a consultancy who will only focus on the top scorers thereby leaving out the above-average scores in the assessment exams. It is a fact that irrespective of your score you can still land-up in a decent enough university abroad.

There are many quality universities in countries like New Zealand. So even if your scores are not up to your expectations we still advise you to undergo a counseling to sort out the options.

If the options match your score and background then we encourage students to pursue the education instead of wasting another year preparing for the same exam. We have list top graded universities in all of the above mentioned universities which will readily take you in.

It is a classic mistake to assume that your scores will only allow you to cruise the seas and land you in the country and university of your dream. Foreign education demands more than just scoring well in your aptitude tests.

You really need to write a proper application essay and provide accurate and flawless documentation to impress the board. But worry not because we will be there for you. We are one of the only few overseas education consultant in Hyderabad who helps individual students with their documentation process and overall application. We at Mayfair Global Education help the students by editing their documentation thoroughly. Often students make the mistake of committing careless mistakes in their application process thereby jeopardizing their chance of getting admitted to a reputed university.