Education in Switzerland:

Switzerland has a naturally picturesque scenery, with a vibrant, pulsating and cosmopolitan global economy. Top-notch education coupled with continued effort to bettering quality as well as the realisation to fulfil variable demands and the farsightedness to accept challenges are the cornerstone of the education system in Switzerland. The foundation of the Swiss education system was laid down with the help and co-operation of the federal government or the Confederation, along with the municipalities or the Communes and the states or the Cantons.

There are two federal or government institutions in Switzerland that specialise in technology - ETHZ in Zurich and EPFL in Lausanne that impart higher education. The cantons additionally manage ten more universities and additional regional institutes that are involved in vocational education.

Mayfair Global Education is an overseas education consultant for Switzerland in New Delhi and we are here to give you an insight into being an Indian student in Switzerland.

Switzerland as a Study Destination:

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Switzerland offers multilingualism like no other European country. As a student, if you are additionally interested in languages, then Switzerland speaks four official languages - French, German, Italian and Romansh that you can also learn during the time that you pursue your course of study. With the picture-postcard landscape, many of the Swiss institutes are tucked into or near the Alps that gives you an education with a breathtaking view.

Home to some of the world’s greatest ranked institutions, the ETH Zurich has consistently been rated as one of the top ranked technology institutes in the world and to date has hosted 31 Nobel Laureates on their campus. Even though Switzerland is a fairly small country, as compared to giants like Germany and France, their brilliance in academics with world renowned faculty and unbelievable professional opportunities probably is the highlight of an Indian student’s study abroad experience in Switzerland.

If sports are what interest you then as an Indian student in Switzerland, you will get the opportunity to ski or snow-board. Even if you have never tried it before, Switzerland is probably the best place where you can learn these winter sports. As a student, you are eligible to purchase an annual pass which is inexpensive in order to ski on some the world’s greatest slopes.

If you interested in history, then Switzerland will not be a disappointment in any way. With its mesmerizing architectural splendour, one can get lost in the yester-years. Your time as an Indian student in Switzerland can be spent in discovering Switzerland’s rich historical past.

Switzerland hosts international students from across the globe, who come together in order to combine their efforts in upholding the progression of an extraordinary global prospect. Many organizations like the Red Cross, World Economic Forum, and the International Olympic Committee have chosen Switzerland as their headquartered homes.

To an Indian student, Switzerland offers a quality of living alongside an urbane and modern lifestyle. Students can choose to come to India at any point of time, as India has integral communication and transport links with Switzerland. Air India has daily flights to Zurich, so home is only a flight away!

Admission Process and Visa Counseling:

Mayfair Global Education is a specialist study abroad consultant for Switzerland in New Delhi and we have been counselling and sending students from India to a number of Swiss institutions for the past 22 years. With our team of well-trained, in-house counselors, we will give your Swiss study dream, the professional direction that it needs.

In order to complete your application process to the shortlisted Swiss institutions, we need to follow the steps as outlined:

Entry Requirements at the Undergraduate level:

  • You need to have successfully completed a 10 + 2 Senior Secondary Certificate course with an average of at least 65% in your four best subjects. This however, does not include marks obtained in local languages.
  • Switzerland requires you to appear for an English test that will evaluate your proficiency in the language. You may opt for the IELTS or TOEFL. If you need coaching prior to appearing for the standardized tests, we can assist you with that too.

Entry Requirements at the Post-graduate level:

  • You need to have a relevant Bachelor’s degree that is related to the course of study that you wish to pursue in Switzerland.
  • Having a first class throughout your two or three years of Bachelor’s degree is a must. It is advantageous if you also have work experience in the relevant field of study.
  • IELTS or TOEFL is also a requirement for you to be able to make an application to a Swiss institute of higher education.

The application process is simple. First, take the time to come down to our office in New Delhi and Register your interest as prospective student for Switzerland. Bring along all your education related documents and updated resume to begin the process.

On a one-on-one session with our guidance counselor, you will be informed of the remaining documents that will have to be provided and will be required in order to file your application. Most institutions send a provisional acceptable of a successful application within 7 to 10 working days. Post receiving the same, you need to deposit the required deposit fee in order to secure your place as an international student for the upcoming semester.

Application for your Visa will be made by us on your behalf once we receive a confirmation from the university that they have received your deposit. We have trained Visa Specialists who will guide you through the entire process of Visa Application and the entire procedure may possibly take up to 8 weeks.

Life as a Student in Switzerland:

Once you receive your Student Visa you are now ready to embark on your journey towards gaining a world-class education in Switzerland. As a student you are allowed to work part-time, up to 15 hours a week but this is moderately flexible from canton to canton. As a student, you are the best judge of your capabilities and should only take up so much work that will not be a hindrance to your education in any way. Make the best use of your time as an Indian student in Switzerland that will shape your life in a manner that you never imagined.