Every year over a thousand of candidates from New Delhi appear for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, and SAT. Now they become quite clueless upon receiving their percentile scores. They do not know which universities to apply to and also they do not have any clue which all universities are ready to take them in.

We at Mayfair Global Education help the New Delhi based students to think beyond the boundaries and expand their horizons. A course in the land of dreams the United States of America is a possibility for a meritorious Indian student from Delhi and we can help that dream come true for you.

Why USA is a perfect destination to study for students from Delhi?

  • Candidates from Delhi like to dream big and the United States is indeed a destination for someone with big aspirations. So if you are looking for creating the ultimate career and earn real dollars then the United States is the ideal destination for you.
  • USA is normally considered the best country to study when it comes to pursuing foreign education. The standard of faculty and facility of education is simply unmatched in the entire world.
  • The universities of the United States have already gained adequate global recognition in the fields of research, technological innovation, and providing student-friendly environment. The top universities of the country has closely knitted relationship with the global technological giants in the form of HCL, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and Google always are on the lookout for quality resources coming from the American Universities.
  • Overall the United States have a good background in offering quality education and scope of research to the students and more importantly it provides the students a platform which will help you prepare for a long-term career.
  • Like all the developed countries United States is also suffering from a serious shortage of genuine skilled human resources. The shifting demographics of most of the states and an aging population are creating a vacuum which needs to be filled quite fast. We consult our students to pursue a career in a country like the United States because once you get through one of the universities then all you have to do is follow the path and get settled in a proper career.
  • The engineering graduates and the post graduates are the highest paid candidates in the market with a salary ranging from $ 60,000 to $75,000 per annum, with a yearly increase of around 20-30%. That is why we at Mayfair Global Education have advised many students to pursue a career in engineering and technology in the United States. The starting salary of Business Graduates is just below the engineers and they range around $55,000 to $58,000 per annum.
  • Quality education facility coupled by high income opportunity is what the United States is all about and candidates from New Delhi with high ambition fit perfectly into this mould.

What Universities Does Mayfair Global Education Choose for the Students of New Delhi?

We make sure to place our students in the Ivy League group of universities only. The Ivy League group of colleges provides excellent facilities in terms of education, research, and an environment which allows students to thrive.

The Ivy League group of colleges which we mostly target includes the likes of California State University, Eastern Kentucky University, Columbia University - School of Professional Studies, Southern New Hampshire University, Washington College, University of Cincinnati (UC), Oklahoma City University and many others.

These are mostly the colleges where we aim to place our students, based on their individual merit, career goals, financial ability, and whether or not they have any work-experience. We assess the profiles of the individual students and shortlist on his/her behalf what all the universities he/she can apply for. It is important that the student gets to know what all are his/her options and accordingly we help the candidate to apply in these universities.

The Ivy League group of colleges is not only the best in the United States but also the best in the world. That is why our consultants suggest that if you are getting a chance to apply for any of these colleges you should not let it go. We will help you in many ways so that your dream of studying in a top rated United States university comes true.

What Courses do we suggest our New Delhi based students to pursue in United States?

The United States is regarded as the pinnacle of the destinations offering technical education and each year we send hundreds of students in the top universities of the United States to gain quality education. Starting from electronics and telecommunication, computer science, information technology, to the more traditional engineering fields in the form of mechanical, electrical, and civil can be studied in these universities.

The fame of United States as a premium education destination is not restricted to only technological studies and degrees. The universities of the United States also offer quality education in the fields of finance and business management. Students, through our reference, have gone there and have pursued excellent courses in the fields of International Relations and Administration. Students can also obtain excellent degrees in law and other legal fields. Media and Communication is yet another field which is popular among the students of the United States.

So from science and technology to management, finance, and media related fields, all types of courses can be obtained from the premier universities of the United States.

Is the cost manageable by a candidate from Delhi?

The cost of education depends on university to university. The United States is a country where the tuition fees are not standardized and it depends on the state you are actually being located.

However, the accommodation costs, in addition to the tuition fees ranges between $10,000 and $12,000 per annum. This cost includes both the cost of food and lodging.

How does Mayfair Global Education help Delhi based Students?

Your GRE, GMAT, or SAT scores will just guarantee a chance for you to apply for a particular university. Many students of Delhi make the mistake of thinking that only cracking these assessment exams is enough to get into some of the best collages in the countries like the United States.

But the reality is that you need to provide proper documents along with application write-ups in order to get admission in one of the colleges abroad. We are one of the only few overseas education consultant for USA in Delhi who helps individual students with their documentation process and overall application. We help students by editing their documentation thoroughly. Often students make the mistake of committing careless mistakes in their application process thereby jeopardizing their chance of getting admitted to a reputed university.

That is why our team of experts will provide special attention to the details written and drafted by you and will conduct a thorough cross-check to ensure that everything is spic-n-span in your overall application process. Remember that the application itself represents you in the university. The authorities there will judge you on the basis of the application and the documents you send over, even before meeting you.

Perhaps we are also the only overseas education consultant in Delhi who helps students to prepare for the entrance interviews for the universities. With several rounds of realistic and grueling mock interviews we will prepare you in a way that you will be perfectly ready to face the university selection board in no time. Due to their high standards and strict screening process, the top most American universities will also undertake a one-to-one interview with you. Therefore, we take special care in preparing our candidates before they actually face the interviews. Backed by our knowledge and experience of dealing with the American universities for more than two decades we prepare a series of mock interviews with the exact types of questions that you are going to be asked by the university interview board.

We will help you shed-off all the nervous jitters and turn you into a smart and confident applicant who deserves to get in the university without any hindrance. Starting from your spoken English to your overall vocabulary, we will polish everything so that you become fit to study in an international university.

At Mayfair Global Education we have experienced people who have been in the board of different universities and have in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with foreign colleges. They exactly know the kind of questions that you might face whilst facing the one-to-one interview and based on that we will keep you all prepared.

Clearing the visa application and interview are the last hurdles you need to cross before you start walking in the campus of your university of dreams. In order to go to any foreign university belonging to the countries like the United States. We are the one and only study abroad consultants in Delhi who also helps students with their visa documents and interview process. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? We at Mayfair Global Education offer the most comprehensive range of services that you can ever think of. Starting from your profiling to getting your visa we cater to each and every aspect of your university application process.