It is a competitive world out there. About a couple of decades ago, the level of competition was not as intense as it is today. Therefore, every student passing out with a Bachelor’s degree in his/her hand is not sure of a comfortable job in the industry. Hence, students prefer to enhance their qualifications. Is there a better alternative than going abroad to study? However, it is not a very easy decision to make. A lot of factors play crucial roles in these aspects. Therefore, students prefer to approach educational consultants.

The Role of the Consultant

Remember the fact that you get admission based on merit and your capabilities. The education consultant does not have any influence in any of the colleges and universities that provide admissions to overseas students. However, you need to prepare well for your endeavour. The overseas education consultant is necessary to guide you through the entire process. Let us see how the consultant helps students in this regard.


Mayfair Global Education has a tremendous reputation for guiding enthusiastic students secure admission in quality universities in various countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Ireland, and the European countries. We help you cross the seven levels that help open the door to the foreign universities and enable you to secure the education of your dreams.


  • Your Profile is crucial


The first impression is usually the last as well. Every student is unique for us. Hence, we do not believe in the one-glove-fits-all theory. The universities abroad are very particular in granting admissions to students. They look at various factors such as your current subjects and whether the subjects you choose for your Masters are consistent with your present ones.


The Universities also look at your backlogs or arrears as you call it in student parlance. You should ensure to clear all your arrears by the end of the seventh semester in college. It is always better if you do not have any pending arrears at the time of application. Your financial status and work experience are also crucial factors. Our counsellors look at all these aspects before advising you on the choice of your country and course/subjects in your Master’s degree.


  • Evaluation Tests


A student aspiring to study abroad should know the importance of the evaluation tests like GRE, GMAT, and SAT. There are other tests such as language proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE. You should be ready with the marks of these tests on hand before applying to the universities abroad. Some countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, and so on do not give importance to the GRE, but the US universities look at your GRE score before deciding on your admission status. Our consultants are responsible for guiding you correctly in this regard. Choosing the university where you are likely to get admission is essential. We have the expertise in judging which universities would be favourable for you depending on your profile.


  • University Selection


Many factors go into the selection of the right country and university. The course you wish to opt for is a vital aspect as well. At Mayfair, we study your profile and present you with a list of universities in different countries where you are more likely to secure admission. You should play your part by researching these universities and concentrate on the positive aspects of pursuing the course at the University of your choice. It can help you in the preparation of your Statement of Purpose (SOP).


  • Compiling your documents


Securing admission in the college or university of your choice depends on the documents you present to them. The universities require a lot of information such as your academic credentials, your extra-curricular achievements, your work experience, your areas of interest, your financial status, and so on. They concentrate more on what value you can bring to the university. Your SOP is the document that can clinch the deal for you. We help you in drafting the perfect SOP.


  • Submitting your applications


Your documents should be in order. Many universities need a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from your professors or employer. Some of them have a prescribed format whereas some of them seek the LOR directly from them. Hence, you might have to submit the email IDs and phone numbers of the professors from whom you wish to obtain the LOR. Applying to the universities is an irreversible process. You cannot withdraw your application after submission. The universities in the US need you to pay the application fees as well that can range from $50 to even $100. You might also have to submit information about your financial status and explain to them how you propose to arrange for your educational expenses.


  • Prepare for the interview


Not all universities insist on interviewing the students. However, you need to prepare for them. We help you in doing so. We have the experience and expertise in this matter. Our counsellors conduct training classes to prepare the students to face the interview. They also conduct mock interviews and simulate similar processes so that the student feels at ease.


  • Visa Counselling


The visa counselling is the final step before you prepare to fly abroad. Getting admission to a University can be easy, but securing a student visa has proved a hurdle to many. We help you approach the Consulate Office with the entire documents that can help you in the visa process. Certain consulates like the US Consulate conduct interviews whereas the Australian visa process is different. Our visa counselling experts teach you how to prepare for the visa interviews as well.

Thus, you can see Mayfair Global Education marching with you in tandem to help you realise your dream of overseas education. Students in Bangalore can take advantage of the services of our Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore to secure admission to the University of their dreams.

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