Hotel Management has become a very popular career choice amongst Indian students. A recent report by the World Travel and Tourism Council stated that globally the hospitality and services sector was the second largest employer, recruiting, one in twelve workers. The study suggests that this number is predicted to expand exponentially.

If you are interested in pursuing a profession in the hospitality sector, then thinking about a specialisation in a particular domain in hospitality will probably be the best direction to take. With a specialisation, you will be able to obtain in-depth know-how and expertise of a sector that is immensely multifarious in nature. If you have the resources then you can also choose to study hospitality management abroad.

The most common level of Hospitality programs abroad is an undergraduate or a Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management. At the undergraduate level you will receive an initiation into what hospitality management actually entails, get an overview of the industry in general, how it operates at various levels, harness your managerial and guest relation skills that will eventually be your success mantra in the hospitality industry. .

General Entry Requirements & Course Structure:

The program structure along with its modules will differ according to the institution, specialisation and the country that you have chosen to go to as an international student from India. Start the process by shortlisting the courses that interest you in hospitality. Look at the modules closely and follow of each key area in the given program that will help you to get acquainted with the various facets of the world of hospitality. Remember that you should have a goal in mind of what you see yourself professionally achieving in the hospitality industry and the course or program that you select should be a route to achieving that goal.

Progressing towards your professional goal, now take a look at the specialisations available to you within the program or course that you have shortlisted. Have your options open as you will finish your course with an eventual project or a dissertation in the final year.

Having an internship as part of your program is an added advantage. Therefore, carefully choose a program that has such a value-add as an in-built offering with the program. Internships during your course will additionally help you to get access to experiential learning within an international hospitality establishment. If you decide to study a hospitality management course abroad, then most institutions will offer you the internship as part of the program. In fact, in Switzerland, two paid internships are offered, usually the first in Year 1 followed by the second internship in Year 2, during the undergraduate course. There is one paid internship is available at the post-graduate level.

The duration of the program or course may also be variable. However, bachelor degrees usually range between three to four years. The internship periods may also be variable, particularly, if your chosen international hospitality institute offers you one which may be a year long work-experience, generally called a ‘placement’ or a ‘sandwich year’.

Popular Courses:

Wide spectrums of program and specialisations are available in the field of hospitality. This may at times, overlap with general subjects like finance, marketing, business and leisure and tourism. However, take a look at some of the popular programs that you may consider whilst studying hotel management abroad.

Hospitality business administration: 

If you aim to be a General Manager or an independent hospitality establishment owner one day, the pursuing a Hospitality Business Administration program is what you should start with. This course will give you the appropriate overview into the broad skills and expertise required to run such a hospitality business. Covering core areas like, finance, accounting, human resources, management practices and the constant need to innovate, this course will equip you with the exact knowledge you need to gain, progressing towards furthering your career as a Manager.

Luxury Brand Management:

The luxury segment is one of the fast paced sectors today ramping up to US$ 6 trillion in the hospitality industry, worldwide. This sector has presented exciting and competitive job opportunities to those who have chosen to specialise in this domain. The specialisation equips you with a widespread knowledge and perspective of upcoming trends in the luxury industry, customer insights and purchase behaviour. This particular specialisation is offered in combination with both a general hospitality program or you can opt to pursue an independent specialised degree in luxury brand management separately too.

Event Management:

This is a popular stream of specialization, available across international hospitality schools. The world of events is an extremely fast-growing and dynamic one and a student during the course will focus on events management, operations and marketing as the core areas of study.

Top Hotel Management Destinations across the World:

You will find top-notch hotel management institutes across the globe. However, some of the top destinations where you can think of studying for your hotel management degree abroad are:

  • Switzerland: Swiss hospitality is the best in the world. Hotel Management schools in Switzerland have consistently featured in the QS Rankings top 50, year on year.
  • United States of America: The USA alone has a hospitality industry that accounts for over a trillion US dollars in revenue. Not surprisingly, the country boasts of some of top rated hospitality management schools in the world.
  • Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University featured in third place in the 2017 QS Rankings giving this tiny country an edge in attracting students from around the globe.
  • United Kingdom: Not usually associated with Hotel Management programs, the University of Surrey and the Bournemouth University are its best rated hotel schools focusing on key segments like strategy, core business skills, hospitality sales and marketing along with public relations and administration.
  • Australia: Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School along with Griffith University have been Australia’s powerhouse in providing world-class hotel management programs.

Career Opportunities:

The program that you choose to study in hotel management abroad will have a direct relevance on preparing you with skills and training impacting your professional life. The degree of specialization that you pursue will further help to share the direction of your career in the hospitality industry. With a hospitality management degree from an international university combined with work-experience is the ideal platform that will jump-start your career.

In due course of time, if you have only pursued an undergraduate degree, you may think of moving on to a post-graduate degree that will help you progress in your professional life quickly.

Countries to Study Hotel & Tourism Management