Canada has one of the fastest growing hospitality sectors in the world today offering a wide range of hotel management programs concentrating on key specialisations areas in the industry. Studying hotel management in Canada, will provide an international student with skills and expertise in core areas, for example, front office operations, restaurant management, hotel and resort administration along with equipping you with knowledge in many of hospitality sector‘s sub industries.

General Entry Requirements & Course Structure:

The general entry requirements to hotel management colleges in Canada usually require an international student to have completed their 10 + 2 degree or equivalent course in their home country. Along with that, they also have to sufficiently prove that they possess proficiency in the English Language. The same can be provided by taking the IELTS or the TOEFL tests. The majority of Canadian hotel management schools accept the IELTS or TOEFL scores with their student applications. Ensure that you check with the institution in Canada, about their specific entry requirements as they may vary from the general list given here.

The hotel management courses in Canada have been designed keeping in mind that the student should be able get a comprehensive overview of running a hotel, restaurant, resort or any other hospitality establishment. Key areas that most course structures cover are food and beverages, housekeeping, sanitation and hygiene, daily operations along with kitchen production and culinary arts.

A combination of general areas like communications, statistics, finance and cost-control also form a part of the program structure. Majority of the hotel management schools in Canada offer practical trainings in terms of internships or work experiences which form a core part of the program. This allows the student to gain on-field knowledge in the industry where they will work in the future.

Popular Courses:

Studying hospitality management in Canada can be an enriching experience for any international student from India. There are several popular programs and courses offered. Let’s look at some of them:

Hotel Operations Management:

The courses in Hotel Operations Management are designed to give the student a 360 degree overview of the operational aspects of a hotel, resort, restaurant or any other hospitality establishment. The program has a unique blend of experiential learning with classroom based activities. Most of these courses are conducted in colleges with state-of-the-art infrastructure that possibly may include an operational restaurant, bakery and even a hotel. Students have the opportunity to work in these real-world settings. Class sizes are typically small and that imbibes a feeling of team work within each student; something that they will again experience when they actually start working in any hospitality business.

Hotel and Restaurant Management:

Most colleges offer a 2 year diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management. This program includes key modules such has accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, catering and convention management, cooking and food preparation, food and beverage service, housekeeping, front office operations along with restaurant planning and management.

Hotel and Resort Services Management:

A more general program, this course gives the student an overall picture of all the operational and management aspects of running and working in a full service hotel or a resort. The programs starts with harnessing the student’s skills in service management and combining that with theory based classroom learning. Additionally the student also focuses on customer service for hotels in relation to food and beverage outlets, front office management, menu development along with event and convention planning.

Hotel and Resort Concentration:

Whether you are working is an urban hotel or in a highly sought after tourist destination, the Hotel and Resort Concentration program will equip you with special training and expertise that is required in the management and decision making that is a necessity in this aggressive sector. During the program, you will learn about applied hotel financial management, conference services, room service, hotel operations, revenue management and advanced sales along with travel distribution management.

International Hotel Management:

If pursuing a general career in hospitality is what you intend to do, then International Hotel Management is what will suit your best. The program offers the perfect balance of academics with experimental learning, thus building the base for a career in hospitality that will enable you to deal with problem solving and decision making, team management and collaborations.

Hotel Management Techniques:

Gaining the essentials of hospitality management is the key essence of this program. Taught by accomplished faculty with vast industry experience, the student has the opportunity to learn through participating in events, conferences, internships along with a carefully developed classroom module.

Top Hotel Management Schools in Canada:

Humber College:

Keeping in mind the demands of current employers in the hospitality sector, Humber College has designed their programs in hotel management ensuring that students gain expertise in core areas like strategy, technology, management and administrative, skills that are essential towards achieving a successful professional life in hospitality. Bringing in the best of both worlds in terms of practical experiences with classroom based activities, the hotel management programs at Humber College specifically evaluates and engages in a series of business and management case studies for which the students need to prepare recommendations and solutions. Since many international students have chosen to study hotel management in Canada, especially Humber College, the programs also reflect an international perspective.

 Royal Roads University:

Bringing together, the current and the future giants of the hospitality industry, Royal Roads University in collaboration with them have designed unique programs where students develop strategic visualisation along with the know-how to be able to manage and face challenges in a real-world situation across hospitality establishments globally.

Ryerson University:

Hotel management programs at Ryerson University in Canada have been developed bearing in mind that the industry is still evolving and therefore, all the programs that they offer are also vigorous, continuously developing with an emphasis on modernization. Graduates from Ryerson University have become leaders in their chosen fields and are successfully leading some of the hospitality sector’s leading establishments.


Career Opportunities:

The hospitality and tourism industry in Canada is experiencing tremendous expansion and thus creating a number of employment opportunities for both domestic and international graduates in the sector. Salaries typically start in the range of CAD$ 30,000 per year and with sufficient experience, in a managerial position, salaries do go up significantly.

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