As stated by the World Travel Organisation, the hospitality sector is reportedly going to be the world’s largest industry by 2020. Some prominent hotel management schools in Europe are already claiming three job offers per graduate student, which is a phenomenal achievement. For Indian students who wish to study hotel management in Europe, will have the upper edge as they will get the opportunity to take in the expertise, training, skills and a European qualification before they move towards their professional life.

Europe as a destination to study hotel management, has lots of options to offer to an international student from India as it has the maximum concentration of hotels schools in comparison to any other continent. Switzerland, by far, tops the list, in having the highest number of hotel management schools in Europe.

General Entry Requirements & Course Structure:

Making a conscious decision to study hotel management in Europe at both the undergraduate or post-graduate levels is probably the right decision that you have taken. A qualification from a hotel management school in Europe will provide you with the perfect balance of classroom learning with on-job training. Learning the core areas of managerial decision making, consideration of substitute mechanisms of administration and management will be part of the course structure. With a distinctive mix of lecture and internships, you will be ready to be a part of the hospitality sector in no time.

The duration of the program may vary depending on the course that you have selected, the institution of have chosen and the curriculum of your preferred study abroad destination. Most undergraduate degrees in hotel management across Europe range between 3 – 4 years, full-time. Post-graduate courses are generally 2 years in duration except in the United Kingdom, where you may complete your Masters degree in Hotel Management in a year’s time.

Internships, either paid or unpaid, are an integral part of most hospitality programs across Europe. The internships help to give the student a taste of how a real-world hospitality establishment functions and operates.

Popular Courses:

The hospitality sector covers a spectrum of key aspects like hotels, restaurants, bars, cruises, conferences, travel and tourism. This gives an Indian student the option to choose from a range of programs and specialisations. Some of the programs that are on demand are:

Tourism management:

If cruise ships or a related career is what holds your interest, then you must consider a program in Tourism Management. A general program in Tourism has core modules like strategy and development in tourism, destination marketing and operational systems alongside corporate social responsibility. With a specialisation in Tourism Management, you will be open to profession in hotels, travel organizations, etc.

Hospitality finance:

Being able comprehend the position of a strong financial direction within a hospitality establishment is leading you towards a program in Hospitality Finance. Students achieving excellence in financial management are in great demand, especially for careers in executive hospitality management with emphasis on real estate.

Hospitality marketing

The right communication is the key to marketing any industry and the same principle governs the hospitality sector too. Typical modules will engage you in strategies and tools of marketing, digital media and new world technologies and understanding consumer insights. You will become an expert in marketing hospitality products, for example, events, hotels, destinations.

Top Hotel Management Destinations in Europe:

Switzerland: This is the birth place of hospitality and there is no better destination in the world to study hotel management where hospitality standards are unparallel. Switzerland is at the helm of innovation and continues to offer degrees programs in hospitality that no other institute across Europe has on board. Some on the interesting programs are:

  • Sustainability Management School’s Master in Sustainable Tourism and Protected Areas

  • The University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur’s MSc Business Administration in Tourism

  • ESOAD’s Master Européen de Management et Stratégie Touristique

  • UIBS’s Master in Business Studies -- Tourism and Hospitality Management


France: Not only a tourist destination for the romantics, France is a pioneer in the field of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. Adding to its incredible cuisine, spectacular architecture, fashions icons, France’s hotel management programs are some of the best rated globally. The degrees offered range from your traditional hotel management courses to specialist programs in global tourism. A degree such as that will enable an international student to be able to start their career in any number of establishments like luxury hotels and resorts, up-market restaurants, chic spas and wellness centres, theme parks, etc.

Netherlands: This country has one of the best ranked hotel management schools in Europe – The Hotelschool The Hague offering 4 year programs in specialised hospitality management. The Netherlands, for international students from India, is an excellent study abroad destination for hotel management as it offers progressive and advanced degrees in tourism and hospitality.

United Kingdom: The United Kingdom is possibly the most favoured destination for Indian students after Switzerland to study hotel management in Europe. Having some of the finest culinary institutes and hotel management schools like Le Cordon Bleu, London, the United Kingdom offers international students from India the required know-how, expertise and skills that is necessary to pursue high pressure careers in the competitive hospitality sector.

Sweden: Comparatively a low-key destination to study hotel management in Europe, it is an attractive destination as there may possibly be an exemption of tuition fees along with a low cost of living to many Indian students looking to study hospitably degrees in Europe. A three-year BSc program in international tourism management at the Dalarna University in fact even includes a semester abroad. Other institutes like Umeå University and Lund University offer programs at the post-graduate levels.

Austria: Vienna’s highly respected Modul University offers a BBA degree in tourism and hospitality management along with post-graduate degrees in international tourism alongside an MBA in tourism management. 60% of Modul University’s student body comprises of international students from more than 50 different countries across the globe.

Career Opportunities:

The expertise and training that you acquire by choosing to study hotel management in Europe will equip you for a focused career in the hospitality industry. In the long-run you will see that classroom learning along with work placements will inspire you towards a glorious professional life.

Countries to Study Hotel & Tourism Management