Hotel management as a career choice has sky-rocketed in India over the last five years. Multiple chain hotels have entered the Indian market and the culinary scene, especially in Mumbai and Delhi, are undergoing phenomenal transformations. No wonder, more and more youngsters today are attracted to these dynamic and exciting careers in the field of hospitality.

So, if you considering pursuing an international education, have you thought about studying hotel management in New Zealand? Why? Right now, New Zealand is one of the hottest tourism destinations. Therefore, keeping pace with this rapid growth in the tourism market, New Zealand has come up with some state-of-the art hotel management programs.

General Entry Requirements & Course Structure:

In order to apply for hotel management courses in New Zealand as an international student from India, you have be 18 years old at least. Along with the age, you should have completed your 10 + 2 or an equivalent degree from India. Having work experience in the field also helps in getting admission. Most institutions will also have a requirement where you need to demonstrate your English Language proficiency. You may take either the IELTS or the TOEFL examinations in order to do that. However, do check the minimum score requirement and if you have been able to achieve the same in the test.

The course structure in a typical hotel management program in New Zealand will cover a range of topics like hospitality management roles, commercial accommodation, food and beverage, supply chain and human resources. Gaining these skills and expertise will enable graduates to apply their classroom knowledge in real world situations. Additionally, students may also be able to get a Licence Controller Qualification and Certificates of Achievement issued by Service IQ, which is the Industry Training Organisation for hospitality of New Zealand whilst pursuing select programs in hotel management.

Popular Courses:

New Zealand hotel management schools offer several hospitality programs that are able to cater to each student’s requirements. Whether the student aims to work in a hotel, resort, restaurant, café, cruise, or any other hospitality business, there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the popular programs that Indian students enrol into:

Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Hotel and Tourism Management:

This program has been designed with a special intention in mind, that is, to focus on developing value chains that connects the world to New Zealand. Supply Chain Management is a critical area of this program that also includes core aspects like food and resource economics, account, finance and cost control, along with a combination of strategic marketing and sales. Linking the business to the world requires strategic alliances with support from operations and this program specifically works towards imbibing this expertise in the student.

Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management:

If you are looking for a higher level of study that will help you to build the foundation towards pursuing leadership roles in the hospitality sector, then look no further than pursuing the Diploma program in Tourism and Hotel Management. Encompassing a 360 degree approach to the subject, some of its core modules include, service marketing management, leadership in the service industry, strategy and management in tourism for hotels, etc.

Diploma in Hotel Management:

A very popular hotel management program in New Zealand, this course is an ideal combination of classroom activities like lectures and seminars along with on-field experiential learning. In a typical Diploma course in Hotel Management, the student will be expected to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week to self study along with completing a 200 hour internship.

Top Hotel Management Schools in New Zealand:

Auckland University of Technology – AUT:

The Department of Hospitality at AUT has state-of-the-art knowledge hub for students and conducts a number of hospitality programs in International Hospitality Management at both Certificate, Undergraduate and Post-graduate levels. In fact, it is noteworthy to know that AUT’s BA in International Hospitality Management is a specialised degree that received recognition in New Zealand. AUT, is one of New Zealand’s premier hotel schools and its campus offers a fine dining restaurant and a bistro that is operated by the hospitality students of AUT.

University of Waikato:

Less than 50 years old, the University of Waikato is ranked in the top 2% among 17,000 universities globally. With two very specialized degrees in Tourism and Hospitality, the key modules of the programs focus on management of food and beverage, tourism and hospitality law and control, entrepreneurship in tourism and hospitality along with hotel operations.

University of Otago:

The programs in Hospitality at the University of Otago have been designed bearing in mind that students enrolled into this course will get the appropriate introduction to the hospitality business operations, tourism management and strategic business networking in hospitality and tourism.

Pacific International Hotel Management School – PIHMS:

Building new standards in imparting quality education in hotel management, PIHMS based out of New Plymouth, a popular tourist destination, has been instrumental in developing programs like:

  • Applied Hospitality & Tourism Management

  • International Diploma in Hotel Management

The school also functions as a co-operative between the institutions of higher education and the hospitality sector. Students enrolling in hotel management programs at PIHMS also get paid internships as part of their curriculum.


With several campuses across New Zealand, NZMA’s is a pioneer in offering programs in hospitality management and culinary arts. Very popular with international students from across the globe, the programs focus on key areas like cookery and business training, hospitality, etc. Class numbers are small and the faculty comes with immense industry knowledge.

Career Opportunities:

The best part of studying hotel management in New Zealand is that post completion of your program you get a work permit for 12 months that will help you to find a relevant job in New Zealand within the hospitality sector. With hospitality and tourism booming in the country, demand for quality workforce is also on the rise. Forecast suggests that Tourism will be 15.3 billion industry by 2023 in New Zealand which is equivalent to 4.9 million visitors per year. New Zealand will need hospitality trained staff, to cater to the needs of the sector over a period time.

Countries to Study Hotel & Tourism Management