The hotel and tourism industry across the globe has been seeing an upward trend towards rapid growth and expansion. A report says that the hospitality sector is actually creating a job every 2.5 seconds! For many youngsters today, studying hotel management and then pursuing a profession in the hospitality industry is the preferred choice. The environment is exciting; working hours is in shifts, along with attractive pay packages and perks.

So, if you a looking to get a degree in hotel management close to home, then look no further than Singapore. Why? Choosing to study hotel management in Singapore, will open up the doorway to a world of opportunities. Singapore is already an established and thriving tourist destination with world class hospitality establishments. No wonder why, Singapore has some of the best hotel management programs to offer to its international students from India.

General Entry Requirements & Course Structure:

International students aiming to pursue a hospitality management course in Singapore from India must meet some basic entry requirements. You must ensure that you have completed your Year 10 + 2 or a degree equivalent to that in your country of residence. Along with that, you also have to demonstrate your proficiency in the English Language. You may provide your IELTS or TOEFL test scores that are acceptable to the majority of hotel management institutions in Singapore. However, please remember to check the minimum score that you have to meet in order to be eligible to apply to the hotel management program. The minimum score will vary from institute to institute.

A number of institutions in Singapore also accept mature students who are over 30 years of age, having a minimum of 8 years of work experience post completion of their graduate studies. For mature students, it is best to check the entry requirements applicable with the particular Singaporean institution. However, most mature students will have to submit a Statement of Purpose or an SOP of approximately 200 words along with 2 References, one of them being from an employer. Many institutions may also request the candidate to appear for an interview over a video call.

The course structure of hotel management programs generally comprise of classroom lectures with a combination of seminars, workshops, study tours and business games. Most institutions design the course material and modules that also consist of supplementary texts, reports, simulations, etc. In addition to classroom activities and outdoor trainings, Singaporean hotel management institutions also offer internships which usually are a part of the course structure.

Popular Courses:

There are several programs and courses that are offered by a number of hotel management institutes in Singapore. However, there are some courses which are popular amongst Indians students in general.

Hospitality Management:

The program offered in Hospitality Management helps the student to focus on the principles of hotel management along with a clear comprehension of the concept. It allows the student to develop their potential in assessing and analysing management functions and their complementary theories. Students are trained in top-class hospitality skills and know-how and are able to critically evaluate information and develop the ability to apply the knowledge gained in established hospitality businesses.

Tourism and Hospitality:

The courses focusing on Tourism and Hospitality Management have been developed keeping in mind the perfect balance between classroom learning and field based activities. Applying a socio-scientific methodology, the program facilitates the student to focus on key aspects such as globalisation, commercialisation and consumer utilisation.

Festival and Event Management:

A specially designed program in Festival and Event Management has been gaining popularity in recent times. While the course covers general areas like business and management skills, it also concentrates on developing the student’s vocational abilities along with focussing on core areas like theories and concepts of festivals and event management. The course also intends to provide students access to real-world situations that will make the classroom learning more effective.

Top Hotel Management Schools in Singapore:

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS):

MDIS offers a number of degrees – undergraduate, post-graduate, diplomas and certifications in hotel management. Most of their courses take approximately 27 months to complete during which the students are trained across concepts of running a hotel, restaurant or any established hospitality business.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU):

NTU is one of the larger of the two public universities in Singapore with a sprawling campus with super efficient personnel and world-class faculty. Getting through NTU is highly competitive. The department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at NTU has partnered with the world –renowned Cornell University, USA, the Singapore Tourism Board and with some of the hospitality industry big-wigs on their key hotel management programs. Thus, students choosing to study hotel management in Singapore, especially at NTU are guaranteed with top-class knowledge exposure, skillful trainings by industry giants that will prepare them towards a fruitful career in the field.

ERC Institute:

Founded by the famous Singaporean author and business magnet – Andy Ong, ERC Institute, offers some of the best hotel management programs in Singapore. Most of their programs are about a 12 months in duration and offers specialisations in tourism and hospitality management that provides the student with a solid foundation in developing both managerial and administrative capabilities.

PSB Academy:

A very well-established institute in Singapore, PSB Academy currently has almost 10,000 students and provides one of the best learning environments in Singapore for international students. With their general degrees in Business, students have the option to top-up the degree with specializations in hotel and tourism management. Most of their courses are three years in duration, however, depending on the progress being made, some students may be able to complete them in two years time.

Career Opportunities:

Singapore has focussed in developing its hotel management programs that caters to international students in gaining the right knowledge with a perfect balance of real-world training. The strong presence of the hospitality sector within the country such as leading hotel chains, resorts, theme parks, Michelin star restaurants, cruises, Singapore is the obvious choice for students wanting to network and progress towards a bright career in the hospitality industry.

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