Youngsters in India are opting to work in the hospitality sector and this demand has been on a steady rise for the past few years. Having good interpersonal skills is not enough for any student to crack the hospitality industry. You need to have a specialised degree in the field. So if you are willing to spend on a quality education, then studying hotel management in the UK is definitely an option that you must consider.

General Entry Requirements & Course Structure:

General entry requirements for international students from India include a completion of their Year 12 or an equivalent degree from their home country. An IELTS or TOEFL score is also mandatory to demonstrate your proficiency in the English language. Check with the institution regarding the minimum acceptable score. If you are applying for post-graduate studies in hotel management in the UK, then most universities will see if you have had any relevant work experience in the hospitality field before. Most universities will judge the applications on a case by case basis, especially if a candidate has not been able to meet the basic entry requirements.

Programs and course structures for hotel management in the UK have an all round approach to their curriculum. However, there are some key focal points like competency in business, destination marketing, operations, administration covering a range of sub-sectors like cruise ships, theme parks, client services, hotel and restaurant, and convention centres, spas and country clubs. Many programs offer live case studies to their students and also an option to learn a foreign language like French, German, Spanish or Mandarin.

Popular Courses:

The demands of the industry are actually helping to develop courses that will eventually fulfil the employer’s requirements in terms of skilled manpower in the hospitality sector. Thus, hotel management schools in the UK, with the help of the industry giants are now designing such innovative programs that will cater to the specific demands of the hospitality industry in the years to come. Take a look at some of the popular courses that Indian students are pursuing in the UK:

International Hotel Management:

The idea of pursuing this course is that you will gain the expertise and knowledge in a number of business competencies like recognising consumer trends, comprehending the value of ethics in hospitality, maximising sales and revenue generation along with designing and implementing effective operational systems. The ability to make critical decisions and analysing the significance of alternative approaches to conducting business are also integral parts of this program.

International Event Management:

Many students are now pursuing specialised degrees in International Event Management that include core areas such as event planning and event safety. The program also provides the student with an overview of event management skills. Typically the program is run with the help of industry experts who bring along with them an array of industry experience. The course will also allow the students to be a part of actual, real-time events that helps to experience what a professional event planner actually goes through.

Strategic Hotel Management:

Most students who already have a recognised degree in hotel management tend go for a post-graduate degree in Strategic Hotel Management. This program benefits the already experienced student in a number of ways. The structure of the program puts emphasis on enhancing and deepening their existing knowledge and expertise in the hospitality business. The program is extremely demanding, having several hospitality industry experts and big-wigs draw on their experiences and share it with the students both in a classroom environment and through real-life case studies. The approach to the program is integrated with an international outlook focusing on strategic hotel management techniques. This directly addresses the needs of those Assistant Managers and Executives who eventually intend to get into leadership roles in the hospitality segment.

Top Hotel Management Schools in the UK:

University of Surrey:

The University of Surrey conducts programs in Hotel Management, Hospitality and Tourism that combines a fresh and innovative perspective, a rigorous and energetic positioning and is imparted via a department that has global recognition. University of Surrey’s hospitality department was rated in the second position by the Complete University Guide 2019. The Guardian University Guide 2019 and the QS World University Rankings 2018 both rateed University of Surrey’s hospitality, leisure, recreation and tourism programs in the top five around the globe.

Bournemouth University:

Bournemouth University has a wide spectrum of programs in tourism, hospitality and events. The department is backed by industry experts as well as research active academicians. The academics are continuously involved in cutting-edge research that allows the department to shape their hospitality programs that are more specialised in nature.

Hospitality Graduates from the University of Bournemouth are high in demand by a number of employers in the industry. In addition to academics, the University of Bournemouth’s hospitality department publishes the - Tourism Management, the International Journal of Tourism Research and Tourism Economics and international textbook Tourism Principles and Practice that have been ranked in the world’s top 10 tourism journals.

University of Strathclyde

Hospitality & Tourism Management at the University of Strathclyde opens a lot of avenues for students once they graduate. The programs focus on key aspects of comprehending management techniques, strategic marketing, economics, enterprise and ethics. In due course of time, the program will prepare and equip students with the capability to accept leadership roles and responsibilities within the hospitality industry as the student will now possess the right skills to supervise operations and eventually be able to manage established hospitality businesses.

Career Opportunities:

The UK alone has almost 180,000 hospitality businesses. Thus, to cater to the demands of the industry, UK needs a workforce that has variable skills in hospitality. UK employs several thousands of manpower in the hospitality sector, nationwide and the possibilities for any student, who do study hotel management in the UK, are limitless.

Countries to Study Hotel & Tourism Management