Equipped with experience in dealing with Singaporean universities we at Mayfair Global Education hold a tremendous record of placing students in the best universities of Singapore. With over two decades of understanding and experience in the field of foreign education we know which colleges of Singapore are best suited for our candidates.

Why Choose Singapore?

Singapore offers a great vibe to the students as far as research and education are concerned. Hosting a huge number of international students, each year, Singapore has proved to be one of the best student-friendly cities of the world.

Quite affordable in comparison to other foreign destinations, Singapore offers a great chance for the Indian students to get access to a huge resource of knowledge and research, something which is hard to find back home.

That is why we at Mayfair Global Education often advise students to pursue a course in Singapore. It offers the right kind of environment and students do not feel too detached from their overall cultural background. Moreover, as a premier study abroad consultant for Singapore we think that the country presents a perfect blend of high ranking universities and a welcoming student community which is ideal for any aspiring student planning to study abroad.

Top Singaporean Universities

Singapore has quite a lot of state-funded quality universities along with some privately managed polytechnics. At Mayfair Global Education we only focus on the best universities of Singapore which has the impeccable record of placing students in the industry.

Apart from the fabulous government-run universities there are many prominent polytechnics all across the city which not only offers quality education but also at the same time has gained adequate international recognition.

We at Mayfair Global Education place our students only in the reputed polytechnics which hold a tremendous record in placing students in top-notch industries. The likes of Singapore Polytechnic (SP), the famous Nanyang Polytechnic University (NYP), the Republic Polytechnic (RP), the Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NAP), and of course the Temasek Polytechnic (TP) are the top universities in which we place our students.

Apart from Engineering & Design along with Information Technology, these universities offer quality courses in the fields of finance, accounting, management and hospitality.

Courses that you Can Study in Singapore

Singapore can quite easily be regarded as the hub for technical education. If you are seeking foreign education in engineering and technology then Singapore presents itself with the most affordable option.

The engineering colleges in Singapore have not only gained reputation throughout the South East Asia but also at the same time they have gained recognition worldwide. Starting from electronics and telecommunication, information technology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering to more modern courses like biotechnology, aeronautics engineering, architecture and robotics, Singapore offers you a wide horizon to choose from.

Now apart from these highly rated engineering courses Singapore also offers quality education in the fields of finance, management, and hospitality. So, students who are looking forward to build a career in the hospitality and service sector can also benefit vastly by pursuing a course in Singapore.

Emerging Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is obviously the finance and banking hub of South East Asia. Lots of reputed banks like in the form of Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas, Credit Sussie, and Prudential have their headquarters in Singapore. At Mayfair Global Education we advise young students to pursue a career in finance at Singapore because not only that they get quality jobs after graduation but at the same time they get access to quality research papers done in the field. It is something which is very hard to get in the Indian universities.

Apart from that Singapore is also known for its tourism. So, there is a constant need of fresh new talents in the hospitality industry. The companies and the hotels all depend on the top universities to supply them quality human resources.

Singapore also hosts a very popular marine hub. Due to its strategic location the country boasts a huge demand for logistics and supply chain related jobs. That is the reason why our experts advise students with a knack in the subject to pursue education in Singapore.

Like most foreign educational destinations the universities of Singapore are closely knitted with the industries and that is why landing on a proper job is not as challenging like it might appear here in India.

A Shortage of Skills

Being a small nation Singapore is seriously suffering from a shortage of skills especially in the sectors like finance and banking, hospitality, tourism, and logistics. Though it is true that the universities are doing their best to supply the industry with fresh and qualified resources but at the same time the numbers are too low to meet the requirements.

That is the reason why we at Mayfair Global Education advise students to pursue a finance or logistical engineering course at Singapore. A course in hospitality and tourism also serves fine when it comes to Singapore. Singapore will not only offer you a job but also will settle you in a career.

Average Income after Getting a Job

The magic of Singapore is that courses are quite affordable when compared to the other foreign destinations and at the same time the salaries you will get are fairly reasonable.

Whilst placing a student in one of the universities, we as a consultancy not only make sure that the student gets quality education but we ensure that he/she lands in a country which is bursting with opportunities. With over two decades of experience in the field we know for certain that Singapore is one of such countries.

The average salary of a business development officer in Singapore is SD $65,694 whilst the average income of a software engineer is SD $58,594. If you are pursuing a career in Finance or Banking then after getting a job, you might earn an average of SD $45,747. All the figures are in Singaporean dollars and with the increase in the demands of jobs the average salary is also spiking up.

Cost of Education in Singapore

At Mayfair Global Education we believe in maintaining utmost transparency. Unlike the other consultancies in the business we do not leave our candidates blindfolded with incomplete information.

It is a fact that foreign education comes with its own cost. However, you must be delighted to know that Singapore is one of the most affordable destinations in the world where students can go and study.

Also the environment is quite similar to India so you would not actually feel isolated or detached from the culture, as it might happen in cases of western nations.

The tuition fees in Singapore universities range between 10000 SGD$ and 15000 SGD$ per annum. This is coming to be around INR 500000 to INR 600000 approximately, per year. It is quite cheap when you compare it with the other destinations like Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The accommodation cost also varies according to the type and nature of lodging you choose. Normally the cost ranges between 750 SDG$ and 2000 SDG$. So, in total the entire cost of education and accommodation in Singapore is coming to around INR 700000 to INR 750000.

So, now that you have gained estimation about the cost that you might incur let us tell you how we are going to help you with the matter so that you get an admission in a quality Singaporean university.

How will Mayfair Global Education Help you

At the very first step we do a thorough student profiling. Depending on your career goals and financial status we would advise you to pursue a course in Singapore. We take into account your scores in the assessment exams, whether or not you have any work experience, and your fields of interests.

Normally if you have a knack in the areas of logistics, engineering, and hospitality industry we guide you to take a course in the top Singaporean universities. Depending on your scores in the assessment exams we will offer you with the list of universities in Singapore where you can directly apply.

Not only that, we will also help you with your application process and documentation process that you need to undergo in order to apply for any of the shortlisted universities. Mistakes made in the application process can result in rejection. That is why in order such discrepancies we at Mayfair Global Education edit your application along with the documentation thoroughly, on your behalf, so that you do not have to spend your days biting your fingernails.

Due to their high standards and strict screening process, the top most Singaporean universities will also undertake a one-to-one interview with your. For that reason, we at Mayfair Global Education take special care in preparing our candidates before they actually face the interviews. Backed by our knowledge and experience of dealing with the Singaporean universities for more than two decades we prepare a series of mock interviews with the exact types of questions that you are going to be asked by the university interview board.

We also help you with the visa application process. Our visa application counselors will help you with all the visa related documentation and will help you prepare for the visa interview.

So if you think that you need to build a career abroad contact us today.