Why should you study in the UAE:

UAE, by popular notion, is an oil-rich nation which over the past decade has transitioned into being the newest knowledge hub in the Asian continent. With significant incoming investment, through domestic and foreign channels, the emergence of public-private partnerships has played its part in channelising this transition at the very core.

The strategic geo-location of UAE has additionally assisted in this economic transition by being the very bridge between Asia and Europe. This unique geographical positioning of the country puts the nation at approximately a 5-hour radius to half the global population. The government of UAE is in not lagging behind to put forward UAE as an attractive study abroad destination either. With free-flowing investment into infrastructure and transformation of its smart cities with an amalgamation of intelligent artificial architecture, the government has optimally used its natural surroundings with the brightness of outward development and functionality.

Apart from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE has five more states or emirates - Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain that foreign students have already started to explore.

Top Universities in the UAE:

UAE has 121 institutions of higher education that also includes 3 public institutes and subsidiaries of 30+ international education institutions from across the globe. Some of the globally acclaimed institutions that have opened campuses in the UAE are:

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • New York University
  • Paris Sorbonne
  • London Business School
  • University of Exeter
  • Michigan State University
  • Moscow University for Industry and Finance (Synergy)
  • Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Amity University

However, the domestic institutions are not far behind either. The front-runners are:

  • UAE University
  • Masdar Institute of Science & Technology
  • Higher Colleges of Technology
  • American University (Sharjah, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah)
  • Zayed University
  • Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research

Traditionally not the first choice for students choosing to study internationally, the education statistics suggest that there are approximately 50,000 international students from several countries who are currently enrolled in institutions across the UAE. Additionally, in 2018, the QS and THE rankings have classified eight top universities in the UAE. Students from the U.S.A, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia and India form the majority of the international student body in the UAE.

Top Courses in the UAE:

UAE offers Undergraduate studies, Masters degrees and PhDs to international students currently.

  • Business
  • Engineering with emphasis on Aerospace, Civil, Electrical and Electronic, and Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical
  • Health Sciences
  • IT
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Languages - Arabic

Many institutions also offer diploma and certificate courses and a lot of international students opt for them as they are comparatively less expensive than the degree courses.

Cost of Studying in the UAE:

An average MBA at a reasonably good US University will cost your around USD 64,000 upwards. However, you can pursue a degree of a similar quality in the UAE at approximately USD 45,000. Though, one must bear in mind that living expenses in the UAE can be a little steep for international students. Private accommodation can range between USD 6500 - 19,500 annually. You may account for another USD 5000 yearly towards day-to-day expenses, for example, food, transportation and stationary amongst others.

Most universities offer student accommodation at a much more competitive cost. If you opt for university housing, you will end up saving significantly on your living expenses. In addition to that, UAE does have an array of scholarships available for higher studies in the country.

Note: The given costs are only indicative in nature. Both tuition fee and living costs are variable depending on the institution and its location.

Scholarship Information:

Institutions have variable application deadlines for scholarships, so starting about 8 to 10 months prior to your intended departure date is advisable.

There are two prestigious scholarships offered by the UAE government:

  • The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships
  • The David L. Boren Scholarships

Apart from the Government Scholarships, a number of institutions offer their own private scholarships too, that international students are welcome to apply for, if they fit the required criteria. Some of the college scholarships offered in the UAE for international students are:

  • The Marie Wright Scholarship
  • The Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowships
  • The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Scholarships
  • Abu Dhabi University Financial Aid Scholarship Program
  • Merit scholarship at Heriot-Watt University (HW), Dubai
  • Postgraduate academic excellence scholarship at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)
  • The H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum scholarship
  • An academic excellence scholarship by The Murdoch University
  • IRENA Scholarship Programme by Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi

Standardised Tests:

At the Undergraduate Level:

  • TOEFL or IELTS accepted English tests which are a requirement by the majority of institutions in the UAE. This tests the proficiency of your English Language skills.
  • Some UAE institutions may also request for SAT scores.

At the Post-graduate level:

  • IELTS or TOELF are again a mandatory requirement in order to apply for any Masters degree course in the UAE.
  • GRE scores may be requested by select UAE Universities.
  • GMAT scores may be requested by select UAE institutions if you are applying for a Management or an MBA related program.

Admission process:

UAE has two major intakes in August and September followed by a minor intake in January. Mayfair Global Education is your official study abroad consultant for the UAE as an international study destination.

Register with Mayfair Global Education to initiate the process of making a formal application to institutions in the UAE. You will have access to the most updated, unbiased advice and will receive one-on-one guidance from our dedicated counsellors that should help you to realise your goal of obtaining admission in a UAE institution. Here’s a 9 step-guide:

  1. Complete all Registration formalities with Mayfair Global Education.
  2. We will then request for a series of documents, for example, academic qualifications, work experience certificates, potential to finance your study abroad, career aspirations, interests, etc., in order to create your Profile.
  3. You may have to take some Standardised Tests. Mayfair Global Education will evaluate such requirements and assist you with coaching if you have a need for the same. In case you have already appeared for such a Test, we will then review the Test results and will guide you to the next step accordingly.
  4. Keeping your profile in mind, we will help you to Shortlist Courses and Institutions in the UAE.
  5. Statement of Purpose, Portfolio (where necessary), Letters of Recommendation and your Resume all fall under Document Editing and we help you with that too.
  6. Once all applications forms have been completed, we will do a thorough Application Review prior to formal Submission to the shortlisted institutions.
  7. We will assist you with Mock Interview Sessions in case you have to appear for one.
  8. You will be given Visa Counselling according to updated student visa information provided on the government of UAE’s website. We will also assist you in lodging your student visa application.
  9. Our dedicated counsellor will have a Pre-Departure Briefing once all the above steps have been completed. We would also be able to assist you with student insurance, foreign exchange and air ticket purchase.

Visa Counselling:

In order to start your course in the UAE, as an international student from India, you need to have the appropriate Student Visa which consists of a ‘Student Entry Permit’ and a ‘Student Residence Visa’. We will assist you with your visa application process.  Remember that the Student Visa for an Indian student in the UAE has to be sponsored by the institution that has offered you a place in your chosen degree program. The entire process approximately takes about 8 weeks to complete.

You will be initially granted a visa for 12 months’ even if your course duration may be longer. Post completion of 12 months, you will have to apply for a renewal.

We are your dedicated overseas education consultants for the UAE. We have a 90% Visa success rate across our study abroad destinations.

Future Prospects in UAE:

Future Prospects:

UAE is slowly reducing their dependency on Oil and as a result there are emerging sectors like Hospitality, Manufacturing, Construction, Tourism, Entertainment, Education, Banking and Real estate which are on their way up.

With skills shortages like Business Development, IT, Green Technology Application, Procurement and Negotiation, Research and Development in key sectors like Oil and Gas, Accounting and Finance, Construction and Property Development, UAE is now attracting talent globally. Being a tax neutral country and the average mean income for graduates starting at AED 16,950 per month plus bonuses, UAE for many will be a life changing experience and fantastic start to a successful professional career.