With more than two decades of experience in placing students in countries like the United Kingdom, we at Mayfair Global Education have the knowledge and prowess to give you the access to a high profile career. Our guidance and consultations will help you apply to some of the top notch universities of the United Kingdom.

Why Choose the United Kingdom?

United Kingdom is generally regarded as the benchmark when it comes to international education. With an enriched history of running world renowned universities with a huge legacy and heritage, United Kingdom does not only offer you a course but also embeds a culture which you will cherish for life.

Studying in the United Kingdom will not only allow you to get hold of a degree and a certificate but will also prepare you as a scholar worth hiring in any part of the world. The magic of a degree from the United Kingdom is that it accepted throughout the world and it will allow you to establish a career in any corner of the globe, as you prefer.

As a premier study abroad consultant for the United Kingdom we believe that students who have the merit, qualification, and the score to make the cut need to pursue a course there in Britain. There is more than one reason to choose United Kingdom as your destination to study and its quality of education, the scope of growth, and the heritage of the universities are the few of those.

Top United Kingdom Universities

The group of top 24 universities of the United Kingdom is known as the Russell Group and they have achieved tremendous heights in the fields of education and research. These universities have proven their worth in providing excellent environment for the students to thrive and more importantly they have delivered quality education and scope of extra-curricular activities for more than centuries now.

British universities have a deep history of offering an environment where the students not only excel in their respective fields but also at the same time can harvest other passions and interests. In this way they make a student a complete professional with unmatched qualities.

At Mayfair Global Education we only target this group of universities when we are trying to place our students in the United Kingdom. Our consultants for United Kingdom place candidates in universities belonging to that elite list.

Universities such as the Kingston University London, Durham University, Birmingham City University, Leeds Trinity University, Oxford Brookes University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Edinburgh College of Art, Middlesex University, Newcastle University, University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee, Durham University and many more make our top list of universities for the United Kingdom.

A placement in one of these universities (along with the other prestigious ones where we place our students) will not only guarantee a job but also at the same time it will ensure a sound future for you. These universities are globally recognized and a certificate from these universities will allow you smooth access to any top industry.

Courses that you Can Study in United Kingdom

The magic of the United Kingdom is that here you can study anything and everything and you are guaranteed a quality education and a decent exposure. Whilst most of the foreign educational destinations are more focused on offering courses in engineering, technology and management, the United Kingdom is a country where you can pursue quality courses in law, arts, and nursing as well.

Apart from the heavy-weight high demand courses like electronics and telecommunication, computer science and technology, and information technology the universities of the United Kingdom offers popular courses in history, sociology, psychology, and art & design. This makes the United Kingdom an ideal place to pursue a diverse career. That is the reason why, when our consultants at the Mayfair Global Education get a hint that the student has a knack in subjects in the field of art and humanities we often suggest United Kingdom as an ideal destination.

Emerging Jobs in the United Kingdom

As a country that believes in innovation and advancements United Kingdom is booming with jobs and opportunities. Like many other developed nations the United Kingdom has gradually shifted from being a manufacturing industry backed economy to a more service sector oriented market.

This shift has suddenly opened up a huge number of opportunities for the individuals to get a decent job in the country. With the advent of the new service-based industries like telecom, healthcare, the online market portals, themed pubs and restaurants, the United Kingdome is in the dire need of quality resources that can actually fill in those vacancies.

Also at the same time as country with its great tradition of education and research, United Kingdom has plenty of job openings in the fields of teaching, mentorship, fellow-ship, and counseling. Students pursuing careers in arts, from one of the renowned universities, can very well end up in a job related to public relations and media management.

A Shortage of Skills

Like in the case of most developed economies, the lack of population and ageing demographics is now a big problem in the United Kingdom. Though it is true that the main cities like London and Manchester are filled to the brim with people from different parts of the world, but there are other places like Birmingham, Norwich, Sussex, Ipswich, and others where there is a serious shortage of skilled resources.

Moreover, with the innovation of new avenues in the service industry more and more jobs are being created on a monthly basis. Starting from the engineering sector to the banks in the Scotland, the busy media houses of London to the restaurants of Southampton, the need of quality resources is never ending. It is a perfect opportunity for any candidate looking for settling into a long term career.

Average Income after Getting a Job

The average income you might earn after graduating or post-graduating from a United Kingdome based university is pretty high. Whilst the engineering and banking jobs will pay you around £35,000 to £45,000 the salaries of public sector, media, and teaching are also not bad.

The jobs in language, politics, and psychology will also fetch you a decent amount of £18,000 to £20,000 per annum. The payments in the medical field ranges between £28,000 and £30,000 whilst the jobs in the legal sector is likely land you in a job paying around £20,000 per annum

Cost of Education in United Kingdom

We as a consultancy believe in reminding our candidates that foreign education is costly. Unlike many other consultancies we do not believe in hiding the facts from our students.

The graduate courses in the United Kingdom will cost you around £12, 200 per annum whilst a post-graduation course will charge you £13, 000 annually. The accommodation cost in London will come to around £9,180 per annum whilst if you are located in the other parts of the United Kingdom it will come to be around £7,380 per annum.

How will Mayfair Global Education Help you

We will remain as your guide throughout the journey, as far as your entire admission process is concerned. After reviewing your academic performances and financial capacity we often suggest the United Kingdom as a preferred location.

At Mayfair Global Education we undergo a through profiling of our candidates in order to evaluate their scores in the entrance exams, their overall aptitude, respective career goals, presence of any work experience, and overall financial capacity. Based on these assessments we decide whether or not the particular candidate is cut for a degree in a country like United Kingdom.

We also conduct a thorough psychometric test which allows us to understand your capability cope with a culture which is completely different when compared to ours.

At Mayfair Global Education we will also help you sort out the universities which you apply to and accordingly will assist you in the process of documentation and reviewing the application and submitting it to the subsequent university.

We will also prepare you for the personal interviews which the United Kingdom based universities are likely to ask. With more than two decades of experience in dealing with all the top universities of the United Kingdom we exactly know the kind of questions that you might be asked.

Application essays are a big thing when it comes to the universities of the United Kingdom. Not only that you need to write it in flawless English, devoid of any grammatical and spelling mistakes, but also at the same time you need to make sure that the quality of your write-up is as per the standard of the university.

Single errors become big hurdles in getting through a quality university of the United Kingdom. That is why our experts carefully proof-read and edit all your documentations and application papers.

Moreover, getting a visa at the United Kingdom is not a child’s play. The screening process is much more rigorous when it comes to the countries Singapore or Australia. That is why our experienced visa counselors will also help with the visa application and interview. Just like your university application, we will review and edit your visa application documents and will accustom you with the questions that you might face during the interviews.